TODAY   |  August 02, 2013

Will JLo return to American Idol?

Al, Natalie and Carson Daly talk about some of the hottest topics of the day, including whether the actress and singer Jennifer Lopez will return to “American Idol.”

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>> welcome to "today" on a friday mornings 2nd of august, 2013 . terrific crowd, great weather. you're listening to our concert star the band perry. they will be back with one more song in just a little bit. thanking their fans. taking pictures.

>> i got to say --

>> the cameras are out. they are all over. super nice. very talented.

>> she has a lot of energy. she can kick her legs high.

>> she can dance and sing.

>> she's amazing.

>> i'm not going to sing it like savannah.

>> all morning long.

>> can't believe it.

>> every single time.

>> we'll start with a serious topic. ariel castro finally being sentenced, a man who kept three women captive in his cleveland home for more than a decade, sentenced to life in prison without a parole plus a 1,000 years on two counts of aggravated murder. he pleaded guilty to kidnapping amanda berry, gina dejesus and michele knight. the scene in court yesterday, two scenes that stick out in everybody's mind, michele knight as she spoke.

>> a hero.

>> really just reaffirmed to everybody how strong she really is. take a listen.

>> we said we will some day make it out alive and we did. you took 11 years of my life away. and i have got it back. i spent 11 years in hell. now your hell is just beginning.

>> a lot for a long time. good for her. it's easy when you're a victim to just hide in a kwa eat room and not face it but more michele to have the courage to get up there and say those words in front of that monster, good for her. i hope that helps her.

>> especially, given that he actually -- he spoke for about 16 minutes rambled on and on. i think a lot of us had that reaction like just somebody shut him up.

>> it was good to see. take a listen. here's just some of what he had to say.

>> harmony went on in that house. being forceful on them totally wrong. i'm not a monster. i did not prey on them. because of my sexual addiction .

>> i grew up with my mom you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all. it's one of those moments where you look at him, he is a monster. an absolute monster. he's delusional and sick.

>> we heard his ramblings last friday. he got to speak out as well. he blamed the victims. he blamed his addiction to sex.

>> child aabuse.

>> why? why this whole --

>> it's not like --

>> it's not going to change his face. he's sentenced to a lifetime in prison plus 1,000 years.

>> just how delusional this guy is.

>> you see the images of the chains, shackles.

>> for him to say that i never held them prisoner in that house, but yet look at what they had to endure and you have photographic evidence of the house and the house of horrors .

>> everybody who is in his family, his son ariel castro jr. was here last week. you wonder where they fall in this in that this was all going on for 11 years and nobody knew.

>> his son had been to house to. wongd. didn't hear anything. didn't know.

>> clearly he hid it from everybody and did it very well to get away for more than ten years.

>> you won how well did he actually hide it and how much people were perhaps in denial or didn't want to admit in the back of their minds knew but couldn't go through there.

>> wanted to go through the tv and wring the guy's neck.

>> let's switch to lighter news. it's friday.

>> this next one is kind of interesting because, of course --

>> you're on.

>> singing competition show.

>> thank you very much.

>> number one singing show in america. but there are others that are limping along. including " american idol ." jennifer lopez close to signing a deal with fox to return to " american idol ."

>> good deal for them. she's very well liked.

>> great for her.

>> likability is everything. j. lo is a big name, big icon. the thing is what we do at the voice you have to care. that's where you get in trouble.

>> that's the different between your show and other shows.

>> you're show is built around people's stories. to help them. all the assets that our major artists have. they turn over that power to the artists themselves. it's not about adam or kristina.

>> while not confirming the rumors it's likely true they were looking for judges who were good at the job that people like and that refocused the attention on the contestants. they realized the whole nicki minaj, maria carey became so out of control.

>> what impressed me they are not coaching them to be singers they are life coaches. they are giving them skills that will translate into being able to live their lives.

>> everybody gets along which is nice.

>> networks love to sit in rooms and try -- it's hard to pick a panel. we got this guy to represent this genre of music. no one knew who blake was but he received the biggest bounce, global superstar now. there's just this organic, everybody is there for the right reason. it's not about me or about them, it's about being part of the show. mentoring and helping.

>> for next season, they are coming back.

>> we loved usher and shakira.

>> six coaches now.

>> you rotate them.

>> the number one. "the voice."

>> in the spring we'll have adam, blake and usher and shakira back.

>> being a great if you did musical chairs and had four chairs, six hosts. then six people scramble for four chairs.

>> that's good. i'll write that down.

>> write that down.

>> al's bad idea. okay.

>> no, good. good. okay. so you're in a parking lot or as one of our producers who is from australia says a car park , when a person parks his or her car and takes up two spots or three.

>> do i that all the time.

>> up don't do it intentionally.

>> no. no, i don't.

>> you're just a bad parker like me.

>> i much at mitt it.

>> check out this video.

>> we're videoing.

>> okay.

>> what happened this guy keeps parking, taking up two spots.

>> it's in georgia.

>> these guys were kind of sick of it. so they park as close as they can to the guy --

>> whose car.

>> the jaguar was taking up two space. they decided let's stake it out and put our caring right next to you. he has a hard time getting out.

>> he has to work to get into car.

>> it puts your car at potentially for a little door ding.

>> they figured it's worth it. i'm a lousy parker.

>> isn't that terrible. i come back to really nasty notes. i wish i kept the notes on my windshields like, you know, like the f and this and that, who do you think you are, parking crooked.

>> it remind us of this curb your enthusiasm scene. check this out.

>> excuse me. are you happy with that park?

>> yeah, what's wrong with it?

>> you're way outside the line. you're taking over two pace snoops a foot over the line . two paces. the next car will take up two spaces. then you leave and that car gets blame. this is chaos.

>> i love larry.

>> they are expensive nice business cards in my car in the glove box and i want says nice parking. i see somebody like that i put it on their windshield.

>> you went through that trouble.

>> maybe they think you are complimenting them.

>> it's ironic.

>> i never sign it.

>> wow.

>> oh, my gosh.

>> now people will know.

>> yeah if you get one of those you know it's me.

>> you care. another reason why.

>> all right. this is still