TODAY   |  July 31, 2013

Gwyneth Paltrow: Master Cleanse had me ‘hallucinating’

The actress and mom of two is known for her fabulous figure and healthy lifestyle, and is now sharing her secrets about how to eat right. She spills the beans on her health routine, her favorite indulgences, and warns against Master Cleanse, a popular juice fast that she says made her sick.

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>> paltrow is sharing her secrets on how to eat right and still have fun. good morning to you.

>> good morning, matt. we finally know how paltrow stays so slim and trim. in a new article the actress and mother reveals her eating habits, fitness routine and her vices. from the red carpet to running errands, gwyneth paltrow is known for her sleek body. now the mom of two is spilling the beans on her new health routine. on a new article wrote for the daily telegraph she shares her fitness advice.

>> gwyneth is open about what she does and how hard she works to keep that body. at the top, keep it fresh. stay away from processed foods . something she discussed with dr. oz this spring.

>> i try to keep that as my sort of baseline eating cleaner food and nonprocessed food.

>> reporter: she also says her doctor recommends an annual detox diet though choosing the right one is key. in my 20s i did the master cleanse which left me hah loose hallucinating after ten days. paltrow who has written two cook books says she loves food but the 40-year-old has also famously said she has the butt of a 22-year-old stripper. her key to staying in shape, working out every weekday at the same time. calling exercise an automatic routine. in the article paltrow confesses she does allow herself scheduled indulgences. i often have a glass of red wine in the evening and smoke a cigarette on a saturday. i love those moments because they are just the right amount of naughty.

>> i think it's all about balance and i don't like to deny myself anything.

>> reporter: experts say most of her advice is spot on.

>> i love the idea of balance and variety and cutting back on processed foods . that being said, i don't think adding cigarettes in at any point is something she should be recommending or that i would ever recommend.

>> reporter: she was recently named people magazine 's most beautiful woman and now we know why.

>> you can take charge of your own emotional and physical health and you can do a lot in the effort to stay healthy.

>> now, some of paltrow's other tips, don't weigh yourself. she recommends keeping track of your size with a measuring tape instead and she also offers a beauty tip. use shimmery tints on your body that