TODAY   |  July 05, 2013

KLG: Kids, stop complaining on road trips!

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss how to survive a family road trip, and say they both feel that kids should be tapping their imaginations more – a thought that Kathie Lee underlines in song.

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>> it to try day friday. i'm proud of you, hoda. july 5th . we hope you enjoyed some fireworks last night. i enjoyed it very much because it was just me and the little man.

>> of course. which one, frank?

>> yes, and the babies.

>> bambino.

>> yes. something weird is happening on this program on this friday. we do not have a glass of wine. it's weird. so and there's a reason. there's a gentleman over there named peter. peter is actually carving out some special wine glasses for us. they are called ice wine glasses. here's from a place called minus 5. a brand new ice bar opening in new york city this week. they have ice chairs and ice bar , and ice glasses. and look at it. it's just crazy.

>> you know what else they'll probably have? a lot of hot models because they love places like that that are chic.

>> he's going to carve us a special wine glass .

>> it's the right size. i'll tell you that.

>> in the meantime, jerry can you help us?

>> thank you.

>> hoda starts to twitch if she has to wait too long.

>> thanks very much.

>> since it is try day friday, people have been talking about this. we have a reveal. what we are holding is something that's not been seen before on national television.

>> wendy's has their pretzel bacon cheeseburger . it's out today.

>> we've been waiting for it.

>> careful. it's got cheddar cheese , red onion , cheddar cheese sauce, smokey honey mustard , and applewood smoked bacon enclosed in a traditional pretzel bun.

>> that's the key. it's got the pretzel bun. we're going to show it to you.

>> oh, look at that.

>> it's like a pretzel surrounding the burger. get in there.

>> i have to take that red onion off because i hatred onion.

>> i hate cheese.

>> don't you hate picky eaters.

>> wait. one, two, three.

>> oh, my god.

>> awesome. if only we had an ice glass to go with it.

>> oh, my god. thank you so much.

>> oh, my gosh. we love it.

>> want a bite?

>> yes.

>> of course you do.

>> thank you so much.

>> thank you very much.

>> put your gloves on.

>> we have to put gloves on. so while we're pouring.

>> what do you think of the cheeseburger?

>> good.

>> i loved it.

>> i have cheese under my nails.

>> oh, look, mine holds more. you got a little short squatty one.

>> that's all right. give me the carafe.

>> so as we're going on road trips if you aren't already on one.

>> 90% of families --

>> oh, my gosh, that's heavy. how do you do it?

>> watch. your tongue might get stuck.

>> that's happened.

>> my mouth is not this big. hoda's is. but i think this is going to go all over my dress. i just think. let's see.

>> try it.

>> oh, that's good. nice. nice.

>> thank you, bobby. who is sweeter than bobby.

>> you need to do like a little slurp thing.

>> it's sliding off.

>> wait, i know the problem. wait. now i can do it.

>> wow. your mouth is big.

>> that is good.

>> you'll need that.

>> hoda, why is mine --

>> put it on this so it doesn't slide. if you have ever been on a road trip , you are either heading out on one or going on one.

>> aren't most people where they want to be.

>> it's try day friday. some are just hitting the weekend. there are some pet peeves that people --

>> what?

>> that people have when they -- when they hit the road.

>> what?

>> they are, one, who is the navigator. and the navigator bossy. are you a navigator in the car?

>> now that people have a gps , do they even use those navigators?

>> i'm sorry.

>> i have the cheeseburger and then this thing.

>> it's distracting. even though the gps is like turn right, turn right, turn right and there are like four rights in a row.

>> in the meantime, they -- they change the road since they did the gps and you are in a different state than you are supposed to be. i don't listen to those people.

>> the other one is, don't be afraid of silence in the car. some people just like silence. only time there's silence in our car is when i'm mad at frank.

>> and then you are stewing and not speaking. do you look out the window?

>> when i'm stewing, oh, yeah. the window gets steamed up i'm steaming so much. no, i get mad if he doesn't know where he's going and i do. and -- but he think he's knows best so he doesn't ask and just keeps on going.

>> i told you we should have turned right or turned left. i remember when we were kids in the back seat of the car. and i remember distinctly going on trips to virginia beach and my -- whoever got in the middle got the crummy seat because you had to sit on the hump. my dad was always -- i had the big hair . he's like, move down. i was like, i can't. this is how it is. when you had to go like this so he could see through the back and we used to hate when anyone leaned on us. the leaning.

>> you weren't allowed to touch.

>> stop leaning. stop breathesing on me and stop leaning on me. we had lines. don't cross the lines. we were always that way. it was --

>> i got sick of counting cows. you know, kids have no idea how good they've got it now.

>> with dvds and stuff.

>> count red cars. i mean, please. now that kids are on all their -- they have movie theaters in the car.

>> i don't want to hear one more kid complain ever again. i don't have anything to do. i'm bored.

>> you're right.

>> but you know what they don't have is imagination. remember when you used to build forts outside.

>> i loved to build forts.

>> didn't you love that or made tents.

>> i had a tree house with my friends peg and pam denny and it was called the cucaracha club. and we'd sing the cucaracha club. it's corny but we have a lot of fun. the cucaracha club we're always out dancing in the sun it's corny but we have a lot of fun. now harmony. and its name is the cucaracha club i want to get paid for that.

>> yeah, exactly. so, no, we did stuff like that. just a memory, look at that 20 years later.

>> i did love -- things have changed a lot. it's not as fun. i'm sorry.

>> you know what is? my friday funny. this was sent in my mary patricia kennedy . thank you very much. paul and anthony are construction workers. they are working on a building site. paul says to anthony , i really need the day off. i'm exhausted. i have a day off. i'm going to pretend like i've gone crazy so he climbs up into the rafters, hangs upside down and starts to shout, i'm a light bulb . i'm a light bulb . the foreman comes over running to him and shouts, paul , you've lost it. go home, buddy and get some rest. so with this very self-satisfied smile paul packs up and heads home. seconds go by and the foreman notices that anthony is packing up as well. the foreman yells, anthony , where do you think you're going. anthony looks back at him and says, i can't work in the dark. see the light bulb left so he can't work in the dark. thank you three intelligent people who got that.

>> we've got it.

>> it's time for "bobbie's buzz."

>> happy anniversary , bobbie. one month.

>> one month.

>> one month. i have some fun perks that i want to point out. so this is something that this time of year if you have hair like mine you want to get it off your shoulders. you can add some polish to your pony tail . this is from nordstrom. it's a great enamel cuff.

>> all kinds of designer cuffs.

>> a great way to dress up your pony. nordstrom's.

>> this was a cool find recently. this just looks like hand lotion you'd stick in your bag. uva/uvb protection, but look at the tacap. has a lipgloss and a mirror.

>> that is genius.

>> they also have them without color. and then last, but not least, did you know today in honor of national workaholics day, i wanted to throw in something fun you cannot only put this rearview mirror on your gurt do your lipstick but also to see if anybody is coming up behind you. because at the office --

>> in your cubicle when people --

>> yes, people are always sneaking up on you.

>> and you better not be on there because that's christine's computer.

>> i wondered what she was doing.

>> it's the new one.

>> anyway, happy holidays , everyone.

>> let's go over to miss sara with our johnson 's baby of the week.

>> we've got our johnson 's baby of the week when we celebrate new moms and their additions to their families. our first johnson 's baby is seth ryan mondragon born june 7th to jose and barbara in arkansas. his parents are enjoying every minute with their new son. next up is the landon joseph montoya born on may 24th in chicago, illinois. he weighed 7 pounds , 8 ounces. his parents heather and sam say they'd tell expectant parents that patience is key when you get your newborn home from the hospital.

>> no kidding.

>> nod brooke louise breitengross. born june 13th . her mom says that baby brooke has so much hair they could even see it on the ultrasound before she was born.

>> that could be a problem later in life.

>>> and our last johnson 's baby of the week is owen max azad born may 21st in new york. his parents say they never really knew what love was until they met their son. so a big congratulations to all of our babies. if you want a chance for your baby to appear on our johnson 's baby of the week go to

>> thank you to all the college kids tweeting us. ashton tweets i'm a senior at ole miss and i loved watching klg and hoda since my freshman year to get my day off to a great start.

>> i was just on their campus the other day. savannah tweeted, i can't go a day without watching kathie lee and hoda. happy summer from florida state university .

>> doesn't it sound like we're bragging?

>> yeah, i love it.

>> amy tweeted, i go to the university of oklahoma and watch every day. louis lacari, la, la, la, la, la.

>> peter, how is it going?

>> it's going. it's very cool over here.

>> you're rocking it.

>> it's hot over here so