TODAY   |  July 03, 2013

Dove ad spotlights camera shyness among women

TODAY’s Willie Geist and Natalie Morales discuss the topics making headlines today, including a new inspirational Dove ad that tackles the issue of women being camera-shy by asking, “When did you stop thinking you’re beautiful?”

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i'm willie geist along with natalie morales . al has the stay off.

>> this is an interesting story about this tiffany executive. very high up. she is accused of stealing about $1.2 million worth of diamonds and other jewels from the new york headquaters here and then reselling it to a dealer for more than 1.3 million. her name is ingrid lederhaas-okun and she was arrested yesterday.

>> she faces wire fraud, inner state transportation of stolen property. she was the vp of development. she checked out 164 items and forgot to check them back in. the manhattan u.s. attorney shows that no matter how privilege their position at a company employees that steal face the consequence of the law. we reached out to her attorney.

>> in deference to the u.s. attorney 's investigation we are not in a position to comment at this time.

>> every time i walk into tiffany i notice immediately there's security everywhere and cameras everywhere but it's amazing to think one of their own employees had been doing this for a period of over two years and it went unnoticed.

>> that's is secret to the heist. get inside and become an executive and check out the diamonds.

>> apparently she allegedly got around the inventory procedures because the products were under $10,000. where as if she was checking out something worth over $25,000 they would be looking for that the next day.

>> yeah. i guess she said some of it was lost or damaged. she had her reasons every time but she made off with a lot of jewels and is saying for it.

>>> have you seen dove's latest add campaign? it focuses on the propensity of many women to shy away from the camera. check it out [ music playing ]

>> i love that add.

>> dove is very good at these viral adds.

>> it's a real person campaign. they have done that for awhile and what that ad shows you is you start as a young kid and you're never camera shy. you're posing for the cameras as and you get older and older you start to realize people judge you and you become more and more camera shy.

>> yeah.

>> it's sad. dove found that only 4% of women would describe themselves as beautiful. that's a really sad number if you think about it. 64% have destroyed a photo of themselves. i think that number should be higher.

>> i was going to say. i hate every photo i've ever seen of myself.

>> do you not like taking photos?

>> i don't like taking a photo. it's always very disappointing.

>> what are you expecting? all of a sudden you're going to be orson wells .

>> young orson wells . aren't you having that moment with your kids where you see little hints of self-consciousness where they were totally uninhibited and now you start to see, not fully self-conscious but moments where they're embarrassed to be in front of people and do things they used to do.

>> my oldest is at the point where he doesn't want to be in a picture. i don't want to take pictures. you're nine, you're adorable. you're cute.

>> do you have a signature pose when you take a picture? what's your move?

>> i don't have a move. do you have a pose?

>> i've got -- like i put my hand in my pocket because i don't know what to do with the hands. they're floating.

>> the blue steel is that what is it.

>> the smolder.

>> i don't have that.

>> it's good. it's the natalie morales pose. what is being labeled the world's most solo diner. is this a little depressing? maybe? it's a restaurant made for people that eat alone and who eat alone only. it's in amsterdam and has tables that only seat one person.

>> nice music choice .

>> break the mood of dining alone.

>> there's no taboo for the woman in the corner there.

>> she looks like she is in time-out.

>> they all put themselves in time-out.

>> it means one time or one meal in dutch. i'll go on record, cannot eat in a restaurant alone.

>> are you kidding me? i love eating alone. i love people watching .

>> what do you do, though? you're sitting there and you ordered.

>> a lot of times i'm looking at work or whatever but i like sitting there with with a glass of wine and looking aat people.

>> how often does this happen.

>> only when i'm traveling. when you're on the road for work. we're sitting up at the bar and making conversation with people. i do that all the time.

>> you just sit at the bar. just waiting. waiting to see what happens.

>> no, that's not what i'm saying but with other couples they'll start asking me questions. it's fun. you get to know people and a lot about where you are.

>> i think you're right. it's different when we're traveling and you have to eat.

>> exactly. i don't make a habit of it but i love going to the movies by myself.

>> that i'll do.

>> i think it's therapy.

>> i'm crying by myself. i like that.

>> you get away from your children.

>> right.

>> so many benefits going to a dark movie house by yourself.

>> i'm going to go now. see you later .

>> okay, this next story, i do not agree with. shoes men loath. there's a new poll that says wedge heels are the least attractive shoe trend for women in the opinion of men.

>> apparently followed by uggs , crocs, platforms, ballet shoes , kitten heels and sneakers.

>> what's a kitten heel .

>> the little heel, they're very trendy and in right now but i wore my wedges just for this segment. are those ugly?

>> those are tricked out wedges? those are gold plated wedges.

>> they kind of are.

>> what's the problem with the wedge? are there guys that don't like the wedge.

>> dave doesn't like the wedge.

>> you just prefer the regular heel.

>> men like steletos.

>> every man has that thing.

>> we do. i'm not against a wedge.

>> rachel here has wedges on. they look cute. come on out. they look adorable.

>> i really like them.

>> they're cute. she looks fantastic.

>> they're the most comfortable pair of shoes besides sneakers a woman can wear and still be dressed up.

>> the wedge is comfortable.

>> they're very comfortable because your whole foot is supported. i think they're very comfortable and stylish.

>> i would go number two on the list. i would go number two on the list, the ugg before the we think because some people wear it out of season in the summer.

>> it's not a good look. uggs are --

>> what are we doing guys?

>> they look like they have flat feet because it just totally falls.

>> right.

>> it's like an elephant foot .

>> that is a terrible impression. ladies, if you want to look like an elephant this summer, throw on a pair of uggs for the beach.

>> your foot has no shape. it's just a lump.

>> elephant foot . you coined a new term. elephant foot . i'd rather have gold plated wedge foot than elephant foot .

>> i'll let you borrow them.

>> not for me.