TODAY   |  July 02, 2013

Patriots offer to replace Hernandez jerseys

As former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez is held without bail, accused of murder, the Patriots are offering fans the option to trade in their Hernandez jerseys for new jerseys of players who will be on the team in the fall. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> new developments tied to the arrest of aaron hernandez . stephanie gosk joins us with the latest on the investigation. stephanie , good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning savannah. well, without bail aaron hernandez is going to be sitting here at the county jailhouse for months or a year waiting for his trial. we're learning new details about what life is like here and how an nfl player accused of murder is being handled carefully.

>> reporter: aaron hernandez is not held in general population . he is in a unit with fewer than 10 other inmates.

>> he has quite a bit of a transition from his life style on the outside to his life style on the inside.

>> the nfl player is allowed to leave the 7 by 10 foot cell for three hours a day to use the exercise yard phone and common area. his safety is a concern but so far there's no threats.

>> just have to pay close attention to the fact that he is a high profile person and keep a close ear to the ground .

>> outside the jailhouse, the patriots have an offer for any fan with an 81 jersey. turn it in and get another for a player that will be on the team this fall. other fans are putting them on ebay. one sold for 1,000 dollars. the seller just wanted it out of the house.

>> hernandez pled not guilty to first-degree murder and multiple gun charges. he is accused of orchestrating the execution of odin lloyd with two other men at his side. one of those men, ernest wallace turned himself in to police in florida after massachusetts police posted a wanted alert with his picture.

>> he's charged with accessory after the fact .

>> reporter: he did not fight his extradition to massachusetts where he will be arraigned on an accessory to murder charge. carlos ortiz is being held without bail. so far the only person charged with odin lloyd's murder is hernandez . raising the possibility that ortiz and wallace may cooperate with prosecutors in exchange for lesser charges says legal expert david schwartz .

>> you testify and you testify to what you saw that night and the eyewitness testimony on the part of ortiz and on the part of wallace will make the prosecutor's case.

>> reporter: former patriot's wide receiver deon branch spoke to a newspaper defending hernandez . he says he's a great guy and close friend and he hopes he didn't have anything to do with this murder. back to you guys.

>> stephanie gosk, thank you so