TODAY   |  June 29, 2013

Same-sex marriages resume in Calif.

A federal appeals court dissolved the stay blocking same-sex marriage in California, opening the way for weddings immediately across the nation’s most populous state. San Francisco’s mayor says same-sex couples will be able to marry all weekend in his city, which is hosting its annual gay pride celebration. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

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>>> we want to begin on the subject of marriage. same-sex couples rushing to get married. it started after a quick decision by a federal appeals court . gape gutierrez is here to explain why it caught so many people off guard. good morning.

>> erica, good morning. major celebrations in parts of california. local officials had been saying same-sex marriages would resume here within the next month while the legal process dragged on. the ninth circuit court of appeals changed it faster than expected. within hours, four plaintiffs that overturned proposition 8 , the same-sex marriage ban tied the knot. one couple in san francisco , the other in los angeles . on wednesday, the supreme court topped out the deal. proponents thought they had at least 25 days to ask the high court to rehear the case. it is not binding on lower courts. they were caught off guard. they are calling this new development dishonorable. a spokesperson said the move was unusual but not unprecedented. san francisco 's mayor said same-sex couples will be able to marry all weekend in his city which is hosting the annual gay pride celebration. california is the 13th state along with washington, d.c. to allow same-sex marriage. they are promising to continue the fight in other areas.

>> thank you.