TODAY   |  June 27, 2013

Top reasons to unfollow people on Twitter

Tweeting a hundred times in a row about nothing and retweeting horoscopes are some of the top reasons that the “unfollow” button gets clicked on Twitter. The TODAY anchors share their own Twitter peeves, such as tweets riddled with bad grammar.

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>> trending on buzz feed what are the most annoying habits that cause you to unfollow people on twitter? buzz feed compiled the top 16 reasons. here are some of our favorites. so number 16 , tweeting, retweeting, or quoting overly general life truths. platitudes.

>> yes.

>> number three tweeting a hundred times in a row about nothing.

>> oh, boy.

>> this is my favorite. this is the top reason according to buzz feed. excessive retweeting of hor scopes.

>> really?

>> that's the worst.

>> it's true.

>> what gets you to unfollow?

>> i think when people overly -- tweet too much about stupid things.

>> yeah. cursing or bad grammar . that kind of thing.

>> cursing or bad grammar .

>> yes. combined, even worse. you're out.

>> there's unfollowinging and then there is blocking.

>> yes.

>> sometimes my blocking finger gets a little itchy.

>> sometimes?

>> sometimes.

>> people tweet us bad things.

>> by the way, what gets you to unfollow people? tweet us your reasons at today show and let us know.