TODAY   |  June 20, 2013

Royal boy or girl? William, Kate waiting until birth

Despite all of the recent speculation over whether Prince William and Duchess Catherine are having a boy or a girl, the palace has made clear that they are waiting until the birth to find out. Duchess Kate reportedly will give birth in the same hospital where her husband was born. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> pretty morning here in new york, back at 7:45.

>>> the duke and duchess of cambridge are getting ready to welcome their baby in the coming weeks. this morning, wither learning a little bit more about their plans for the royal arrival. nbc's michelle kosinski is at buckingham palace with details on that. michelle, good morning.

>> reporter: hi, matt. you might think with all the planning that goes into the birth of the future king or queen, william and kate would just need to know ahead of time whether this bay bay is boy or girl . the palace insists that the couple wanted this to be a surprise for themselves as well. kate has made her final royal appearances and is now privately preparing for the birth of her first child and the future monarch. for all the spec lakers the palace now has made it clear, william and kate really don't know the gender.

>> i think they might not have wanted to know, just because there's so much riding on the sex of this baby, the fact that for the first time in 1,000 years of royal history, this child will be the next monarch after prince william , irrespective of whether it's boy or a girl.

>> reporter: kate , as rather indell can'tly reported in the press here is not too posh to push and wants as natural a birth as possible. she will be in the royal hospital in london, where princess diana gave birth. a first instead of the hospital instead of a palace. she will be atended by the queen doctors and william , attending the birth, as prince charles was 31 years ago. he is on helicopter rescue duty and can't make it on time turks is reported that kate 's mom and sister, pip parks will be there. the royal baby will be welcomed into the world by a 41- gun salute . and no, no 140-character reveal on twitter, but a special announcement will be hand carried old school to the gates of buckingham palace and placed in this easel, as was done for william . to say that kate was safely delivered of a son or daughter. william is expected to take the standard two weeks paternity leave then go back to work in remote wales. kate and the baby might stay at the couple's cottage at kensington palace or move in with her parents for a while while the royal home renovations are being finished much. matt?

>> michelle dozen skin zi at buckingham palace .