TODAY   |  June 15, 2013

Rain, cooler temps help battle Colo. blaze

In Colorado, firefighters have contained 30 percent of the blaze in a wildfire that's claimed two lives and destroyed hundreds of homes. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> making significant progress in the deadly wildfire that has now destroyed close to 500 homes. miguel almaguer has been covering this all week. good morning.

>> reporter: erica, good morning. this fire, deadly and destructive, has swallowed neighborhoods and taken lives, but firefighters feel like they are finally turning the corner. this blaze now 30% contained. this morning inside a burn zone that stretches 24 square miles , more hot spots than shooting flames. the fire fight, aided by friday rain and cooler temperatures.

>> a little chilly. i don't think i've ever been so happy to say that.

>> reporter: with 750 firefighters still on the front lines, it appears the brunt of the damage is done. two lives have been lost in at least 400 homes were damaged or destroyed. heather and katy dubuis watched their home go up in flames.

>> keep my daughter safe, keep my animals alive. please, god, keep the barn up and anything above that would be okay.

>> reporter: this morning some people have returned home, but for tens of thousands it is still too dangerous to go back. for now, they are left to wait and wonder.

>> well, you're a refugee. how do you describe a crisis that you never expected?

>> reporter: the black forest fire, an historic and deadly blaze, finally slowing down. more good news for firefighters. they expect favorable weather conditions today. meantime, investigators believe that this fire was not started by mother nature . a criminal investigation is under way. erica?

>> all right. miguel almaguer this morning, thanks.