TODAY   |  May 23, 2013

Al meets Transformer Optimus Prime

TODAY’s Al Roker gets the lowdown on the new Transformers-themed mega attraction opening at Universal Orlando Resort on June 20 from the top Transformer himself: Optimus Prime.

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>> news. yes, that's right. all you transformer fans out there. that's right, the battle continuing here in orlando with transformers the ride 3d opening up here at the universal orlando resort june 20th . joining us, bumblebee and with an exclusive interview, optimus prime . good morning. you don't have to go for the mike. how involved are you in designing this ride?

>> if you are resigned to headquarters, that information is classified.

>> oh, okay. i've got clearance.

>> my apologies, mr. roker. all recruits who enter the facility will be briefed in all possible danger that megatron and decepticons present.

>> that's megatron right there.

>> yes, and i would advise you keep a safe distance. he's the greatest evil we have ever faced. bumblebee, prepare