TODAY   |  May 20, 2013

Summer cooking: Shrimp skewers, grilled melon

Ryan Scott is the host of “Food Rush” on the Live Well Network and demonstrates how to prepare spicy shrimp skewers along with grilled watermelon and chimichurri for your next weekend cookout.

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>>> to the backyard party season and nonstop barbeque.

>> if you like gathering friends around your grill, but tom isn't on your side, ryan scott, the host of "food rush" on the live well network has one rule to live by.

>> prep.

>> what did you give me?

>> so they're done and make one. what the held does that mean?

>> what's the point.

>> three done make one. that means appetizers that can be done the day ahead so when you have your party, you can drink.

>> these are the three dishes that you can do stuff, mushrooms which i have here, crimini mushrooms, you can make them the day before.

>> no msg, super delicious and great. love it. you can roast them, pop them in the oven at the last second.

>> here is grilled halloumi, it's a goat, sheep's milk. that you can sear, i put it on top of a salad, you toss it last second with strawberries and basil.

>> what kind of dressing?

>> a little basil strawberry dressing on top. just simple. here's my favorite chicken sandwich.

>> it looks like --

>> try one of these.

>> there's no cheese in there.

>> mango chutney out of the jar, a little red onion. here.

>> now -- it's fine.

>> you take that.

>> you take the roasted chicken, toss in a little bit of mayonnaise and sriracha sauce . and simple chimmichurri prawns.

>> grilled watermelon is amazing, by the way.

>> let's do some shrimps.

>> is it shrimp or shrimps?

>> yeah.

>> what's the plural?

>> i don't know.

>> say it like you're sure.

>> a little bit of olive oil . a little bit of chili flake, which i love. a little bit of chopped garlic and a little bit of vinegar and we put the top on and pulse it. i want to give you a trick to making great emulsions like for instance this guy right here. when making a nice green pesto or chimmichurri. put a bit of vitamin c in there and it keeps it green for four or five days.

>> liquid vitamin c?

>> no, you microplane it.

>> whats could it do?

>> it makes it nice and green and vibrant like you have here for five days.

>> we grilled prawns like this and can you skewer them.

>> shrimp is single, but it's prawns if it's plural.

>> prawn.

>> i took some watermelon, which is really fun.

>> hi, sara.

>> she always shows up when it's food.

>> so what we did is we take these, you skewer them, you grill them and something about watermelon, there's great sugar in there, but i do a little bit more and you take the same chimmichurri, look how the smoke is going totally towards the beauty on both sides. you can grill the prauns the day of and the watermelon the day of. and you take the chimmichurri. it's universal you can put it on