TODAY   |  May 15, 2013

Fun finds for summer: Shoes, decor and more

TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares some of her favorite must-haves to kick off the summer, from stylish shoes and trendy graphic T-shirts to wrapping paper for your walls.

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>>> this morning on jill 's fun finds for may, the must haves for summer. jill is a "today" contributor and contributing editor for people's style watch. good to see you.

>> good morning.

>> i love the t-shirt. let's start here.

>> these are the must have t-shirts. i'm wearing one. my motto is keep it moving. this is the one i chose. there are great ones out there. you can get a variety. the cat, dog. then nba tees. they are great cotton. i'm biased for the new york knicks. tough night last night but we'll come back.

>> do you think so?

>> i do. tomorrow will be a great night. you can wear them even under blazers. it's great cotton. love those.

>> not expensive.

>> not very expensive.

>> flat shoes here.

>> they are hot for summer, spring, even for men. would you rock niethese?

>> i could rock those to the beach.

>> these are all the new patterns. are they laughing in your ear?

>> they're harassing me. what kind of man are you?

>> you could wear these. camouflage. these are crochet shoes for women. wedge heels f. you see a patterned wedge that's in. you can make the outfit around it. use this as a statement piece.

>> getting organized here.

>> quirky is an online community where you submit an idea and everybody helps you develop it. this is 1999 , edwin from the netherlands submitted this. it holds brushes and it's magnetic to hold bobby pins on the outside. also works with safety pins . see?

>> joe michaels says i wear bobby pins with those shoes.

>> joe will like this. he's always on the computer. $14. they are stickers. it's tedious --

>> you have to put them on one by one?

>> i guess if your child is in a time-out, it's great. one by one but if the keyboard is dirty, needs sprucing up, look at this. only $14.

>> and cheap stationery is good.

>> inexpensive. load up for spring. always nice to give a card. this is willie geist , many thanks. the manliest thank you ever with al roker . natalie. we have ways to express yourself . we have books, calendars. love it there.

>> i love this one. this is the picnic.

>> available on amazon. 20 to 28 in a roll. there are place mats and napkins and you rip it.

>> it's disposable.

>> you can wash up it up six times. but you can look like you dressed up when you don't want to use the real. for a picnic it's perfect. available at amazon. this one i will try.

>> you're going to demonstrate?

>> separating the yolk from the white. you hold it over. please work.

>> oh, you did it! kind of.

>> the yolk is separate from the white.

>> you half did it.

>> that's just a little bit of whites. there is a technique.

>> look at this. a little bit better than yours, jill martin.

>> too bad joe michaels can't do that. okay. $12. you're going to work and take this with you. you want dressing and condiments as well. it goes in top. you can take it out and there is silverware.

>> right in there. you can use that on the picnic, too.

>> we have a theme going. this is wrapping your wall. it's gift wrapping . $50. let me climb over. your wall gets dirty or you want to spruce up the kids' room in your house. it's literally a sticker. you just peel it off. then you put it right on the wall. it's that easy. i wouldn't do these patterns together. just showing.

>> you can paper the wall.

>> in two seconds. if you have a dirty wall your child has written all over.

>> you're good, jill . go knicks.