TODAY   |  May 14, 2013

Obama ‘will not tolerate’ alleged IRS misconduct

President Obama spoke out during a news conference Monday about allegations that the IRS overly scrutinized conservative groups, saying he has “no patience with it” and vowing to find out “exactly what happened.” NBC’s Chuck Todd reports.

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>>> to two other controversies involving the white house including irs 's targeting of special groups for special juteny. chuck todd has the latest on this. good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning. more conservative groups have come forward overnight saying it wasn't just irs agents in a rogue cincinnati office doing the targeting but this was also taking place in the irs here in washington. meanwhile, democrats made the outrage bipartisan by president obama . president obama spending monday night with supporters in new york city after a rough 72 hours for his white house . at a news conference monday, mr. obama said he's outraged with the irs .

>> i've got no patience with it. i will not tolerate it and we will make sure we find out exactly what happened on this.

>> reporter: the president said he wasn't made of the allegations of irs misconduct until last friday. now, a timeline and a draft report by an inspector general reveals irs employees in cincinnati began scrutinizing conservative groups that included the words tea party and patriots in march of 2010 , one year earlier than the irs had admitted. the timeline shows the irs 's chief counsel was briefed on the matter in august of 2011 . despite testimony from march 2012 from then irs commissioner douglas schulman telling congress they were not being targeted, he was informed two months later. and initially down playing the attack in benghazi had ties to terrorism calling the controversy a political circus.

>> the whole issue of talking points frankly throughout this process has been a sideshow.

>> now, hearings on benghazi and that investigation will continue later this week. it may not be public, as the committee that's been investigating this, matt, wants to interview the two investigators. the state department , mike mullen and tom victory, who did the state department review because most importantly they want to find out why was hillary clinton , then secretary of state, never interviewed during that investigation.

>> chuck todd at the white house this morning. thank you