TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Gillian Anderson returns to US TV on ‘Hannibal’

Actress Gillian Anderson is back, guest-starring on the NBC drama “Hannibal” after a decade-long break from American television. She tells Kathie Lee and Hoda that it was a talented group of actors and writers that attracted her to this role.

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>>> emmy and golden globe winning actress, gillian anderson is coming back to television after ten years.

>> she's guest starring in the nbc thriller " hannibal ." take a look.

>> hello. come on in. this always goes better if i'm perfectly honest with you.

>> what would be the point of that.

>> well one of us has to be honest.

>> i'm honest.

>> not really. i have conversations with a version of you. and hope that the actual you gets what he needs.

>> creepy.

>> creepy, creepy.

>> does she know what he needs, gillian?

>> do you like yourself?

>> how are you doing?

>> the creep factor is very high.

>> it is very high.

>> what attracted you to the role?

>> well i think ultimately it was the other actors that were involved. i think got me to read the script to begin with and then i mean playing hannibal 's psychiatrist. i mean how cool is that?

>> how juicy is that?

>> what took you so long to come back to tv for ten years? what were you doing?

>> a little busy raising a family.

>> i live in london and i have three kids and i've been doing a lot of stuff over there. i've been doing stuff for the bbc and it's aired over here but this is the first american tv thing that i've done.

>> and it was the writing and the chance to work with the cast.

>> it was the writing, brian fuller is amazing, very good writer. after having conversations with him and talking about how this might work in my life. i thought -- you know.

>> and the new project you have coming up is going to be filming in belfast , right? tell us about the new project.

>> there's a project that's airing tonight on bbc 2. and on netflix on i think may 28th , called "the fall." and i already shot it in belfast .

>> by the way, netflix is such a new great place -- "house of cards" is on netflix.

>> you can watch them all at once.

>> tell us about that show. were you reluctant to do this netflix thing. i wonder if it's projects that actors are looking for.

>> this was after the fact. it was purely just --

>> we have done five episodes. that's all it's going to be for this season. i play a detective superintendant who is taken from the met in london up to belfast to do a 28-day review on a murder case. and then so netflix has bought it after the fact. and it's kind of the coolest home for it to be in. and i'm really excited to see.

>> you shouldn't expect to see you in some little romantic comedy any time soon?

>> it would be nice. because --

>> i want to take a trip there down you know, a little --

>> it's a tendency -- i would be more than happy to i like doing comedy. i've done a lot of comedy. people wouldn't know it, but i have.

>> you have such a following. somebody who shall remain nameless, the minute they heard you were coming on. they said, i'm going to be a stalker. gillian anderson .

>> she's right there.

>> that must be very, very pleasing to you. to know you've had these kinds of fans that have stuck by you forever.

>> pleased to know i have stalkers. no, my fans are awesome.

>> you have three children, your oldest, 18.

>> i do.

>> is that child interested in the business?

>> fortunately not. she's most likelying to to be an artist and i have a six and a 4-year-old who are boys and they actually don't know what i do, which is great.

>> that means you're doing something right. good for you.

>> welcome back.

>> " hannibal " airs thursday nights at 10:00 p.m ., 9:00 p.m . central here on nbc.