TODAY   |  May 13, 2013

Congrats! Bradley Cooper gives Savannah bouquet

After Savannah Guthrie’s wedding engagement was revealed on Monday, actor Bradley Cooper surprised the TODAY anchor with a congratulatory bouquet.

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>> the top trending story around here is savannah guthrie who announced she got engaged over the week to understand michael feldman , a terrific guy, when you were on a romantic trip away.

>> details.

>> whoa!

>> oh my gosh, thank you, bradley. wow. bradley cooper is here.

>> wait a minute.

>> michael, don't worry, you're okay.

>> you just had the ring on a second ago. where did that go.

>> my number's right in there.

>> just kidding, thank you, bradley. mike is okay with that.

>> some guys hate to lose.

>> it's not over yet.

>> you're not at the alter yet.

>> mike and i have been together for four years and so like i said we didn't really rush into it but we're just so excited, he's the best person. he knows me inside and out and i think i know him pretty well, too, and we just adore each other and our families love each other. like our families have basically been in-laws for years, just waiting for to us catch up and get with the program so.

>> that's the way it should be.

>> and now he says every time i go on vacation she always checks out my finger.

>> i do, i do, so this time i didn't check because i didn't want to put any added pressure on you but this time it actually happened.

>> wow.

>> matt claims he did kind of try to ask about it.

>> we have a code word we use for things like that and i said, it to her, "i might have news about that soon." i thought okay, people aren't talking about it.

>> how happy a mother's day was it for both your moms?

>> they're like hallelujah, lighting candles, at long last, we can't believe it. they're so excited