TODAY   |  May 08, 2013

Mom and me style: 4 stylish coordinating outfits

With Mother’s Day coming this weekend, style expert Jenn Falik shares her ideas for celebrating by dressing your mini me like mommy without being too matchy-matchy.

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>>> in "today's style" mom and me fashions with mother's day this weekend we thought it would be fun to give you ideas for coordinating outfits with your little ones . good morning.

>> good morning.

>> we're not talking matchy matchy, like cute and fun.

>> cute, not cringe worthy cute.

>> let's bring out the classic and classy style combination and for this we have mother and her 2-year-old aidan , we have catherine. come on out guys.

>> so catherine and aidan we have color coordinated, coral navy and white. on her the loft dress, a more modern take on the lace in the runways and it's petite. when you're little you have to stick with petites and her son is wearing the coral pants.

>> looking good, aidan .

>> we're not matchy matchy but plimt tear to each other and the little blazer on and pants and bow ties . adorable.

>> that sells it and he sells it. aidan you look adorable, thank you and penny loafer shoes, very cute. next are hippies at heart, and we have a mom and daughter, kathy and samantha . samantha is 5 and you can see the hippie here is hot.

>> prints are the same and do mom in mini but style differently. these come in mom and little girl versions. the tote bags come in different sizes, a big one for yourself and a little one more the little one and a necklace the head band for samantha and indulge the hippie chic inspired look.

>> i love samantha 's little jeggings, too.

>> and you can wear them as coverup to the beach.

>> matching tote bags ready to go to the beach. looking fantastic. finally sporty style ideas for mom's day weekend that i think these are going to seem cute and adorable and we have dory along with her, yep, her 8-year-old theo.

>> there again the color coordination with moms and sons go with color coordinating. we have the crocs shoes, navy goes well. white shirts, more polished and he has the polo, dress it up with the scarf and backpacks are in for adults and kids. these i love from state, big versions and minis. his is colorful and can he play around with the pins on it and she can hold everything and be hands free.

>> i love that backpacks are in, it's the only thing that fits everything. you look great, thank you so much. appreciate it. okay, and then our last group come on out, let's take a look at these edgy but fun ladies as well, and tell me what they're wearing.

>> casual cool, boy meets girl mommy and daughter versions. age appropriate we added a dan skin tutu, otherwise they're wearing the exact same thing.

>> i love the wedge sneakers everywhere, that's on trend, too.

>> the wedge sneakers are very much on trend and we gave almariyah sparkle. you don't want a little girl trying to look like a big girl .

>> come on out, ladies. and kids, come on out. you all did great. happy mother's day, right? happy mother's day. jen, thank you as always.