TODAY   |  April 30, 2013

8 must-have travel gadgets

With summer vacation right around the corner, it’s time to prepare to head out of town. Tech expert Katie Linendoll shares eight fun and functional travel gadgets, including waterproof iPhone and iPad cases, a floating speaker, and more.

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>> announcer: today's travel is brought to you by the venture card from capital one. miles you can actually use.

>>> today must have gadgets. summer vacation around the corner. we have tech expert katie from talk nerdy to i love this stuff especially when you're coming down to the water. this is a water buoy.

>> $17. it's on water

>> you dropped your keys.

>> if you're playing water sports , jet skiing on the boat, might lose your keys, there is a trigger mechanism. it automatically floats to the surface. that was ten seconds. there's a light on it.

>> the light is flashing.

>> for 24 hours this will pop upment night or day lose anything from the camera to the key, water buoy has you covered.

>> he can't go down with three barrels on him. no he can't.

>> i like it.

>> everybody is at the pool or beach worried about dropping the phone. the life proof case.

>> this is my iphone 5.

>> your phone.

>> $80. it's water proof , shock proof, dirt proof, toilet proof. throw it right in the water. it will protect it. you can use it under water.

>> how deep?

>> 6.6 feet. no problem.

>> if you go 7 you're in trouble.

>> it's over. forget it. 6.6 is the number. it works great. made me nervous to test it out.

>> and the ipad.

>> there is a life jacket so it floats to the top.

>> it's crowded in there.

>> throw them all in. we like it. we like it. one more great water gadget. this is my favorite now. this is the isplash speaker. let me tell you something. forget the water resistant speaker. this is a water proof speaker. throw it in the pool. sound quality . get it in there. blue tooth .

>> we're going to need a bigger tank.

>> play tunes anywhere with superior sound. all right. this is a fantastic producer. former miss usa here.

>> hey, kristen. let's get her in the tank.

>> put her in!

>> what's the deal.

>> she's modeling the perfect cardigan. finding the perfect cardigan for the ladies is like finding the perfect man. it's light weight made for storing your gadgets. you can see super deep pockets and secret pockets. when you're on the beach, walking around, traveling you don't have to carry a purse. put your chis in there, wallet, smartphone.

>> all the pockets. doing it with towels now.

>> this is the towel mate. starting at $25. kids towels, adult towels. there are hidden pockets on each unit. put your stuff in here from your phone, keys, ipad.

>> no one knows it's there.

>> you don't have to carry anything extra at the beach.

>> impressive.

>> this is one i like. i don't think people take advantage of headphone splitters, tunes for two.

>> you're at the pool, boom.

>> put the headphones in here. your dude puts them in here. you're both listening to the same music. cute little robot.

>> saved the best for last.

>> we have two more gadgets actually. this is viama $15. this is the only way your dude will carry your purse.

>> it's got wine in it.

>> two bottles, plus a spout to pour it easily. the awesome thing is once you have opened the wine it lasts up to five weeks.

>> all right. kathie lee and hoda.

>> be jealous.

>> last but not least.

>> what's life without your little personal butler.

>> there you go.

>> it's an r.c. cooler. this is about $72 an six d batteries.

>> combine it with a roomba and you can drink and clean at the same time.