TODAY   |  April 24, 2013

Amy Poehler, Frank Ocean on life-changing moments

TODAY’s Matt Lauer sat down with some of this year’s Time 100 honorees, including actress Amy Poehler, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and singer Frank Ocean, to talk about the moments that changed their lives and more.

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>>> and last night, a gala celebrating the honorees was held here in new york city . i had the chance to attend and catch up with some of the evening's special guests. they entertain us, they inspire us, they challenge us. every year, "time" magazine honors 100 icons, from oscar's red carpet to fashion's red-hot runways. from a 15-year-old activist to a hip hop mogul, from a baollywood star to the star of center court . these are the people influencing our lives and defining our world. was there a moment in your life that changed everything?

>> when i was a kid, when i was 9, i had polio, a year in bed. gave me a lot of time to think and an understanding that i didn't have at 9 that there's a world of suffering.

>> i would say that the moment they decided to change from being a premed major to getting really involved in computer science .

>> when i fell in love . for the first time.

>> i think probably, the moment that changed my career was when i moved from a law firm to working for a local government in chicago. and that's where i got the bug for public service , and i'm sure if i had stayed in that law firm , i wouldn't be here today.

>> probably being born to my parents. just being -- entering into my family. as i get older, i realize how, what kind of parents you have can really shape the kind of person you are. i was very lucky to have wonderful parents.

>> amy, what are you most proud of?

>> i am proud of the fact that i don't speak to my parents anymore. no, i'm just kidding.

>> thank you for coming.

>> what are you most proud of, frank?

>> my mother.

>> why?

>> strongest person i know. and the one i've seen in action be most selfless.

>> being a good husband, being a good father.

>> i'm proud of my children. you're supposed to say that, right? my children is what i'm most proud of. and my physique.

>> i didn't see that coming, but now that i look, i can see why you'd say that. what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

>> when i wake up, i feed my crazy cats.

>> that's it? that's chore number one.

>> chore number one is feed those crazy cats.

>> i just look at my son, which is really amazing.

>> i snooze and then i snooze again. and i snooze like five times. i have two phones and set them up for different times, like two-minute increments and i snooze. don't you snooze? no, you're matt lauer .

>> how can i -- i'm a morning person. you're not a morning person.

>> have you slept in?

>> what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

>> you mean after peeing? come on!

>> you are a guy, after all.

>> i'm a guy.

>> of a certain age. and that's the third time in the night. what's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

>> well, nowadays, i go, uhh, i didn't die.

>> i'll give you three wishes.

>> three wishes. first of all, better-looking genie. i like a barb eaton type, no offense, matt.

>> get out of here.

>> i would like there to be world peace and less pollution.

>> good ones.

>> and butts that look good everywhere.

>> since becoming a father many years ago, the only thing i ever wished for is health and safety of my family. maybe that's just two, but i'll wish for health and safety , health and safety , health and safety .

>> you don't sell it to me. i don't believe you're a genie.

>> i'm a genie.

>> take your shirt off.

>> what would you like?

>> i'm going to throw this lamp away, for start. for me, an individual jet pack comes before world peace . what's the most popular?

>> health and happiness for their family.

>> oh, well, of course. that goes without saying.

>> you apparently weren't that deep.

>> that goes without saying!

>> okay, yeah.

>> it goes without --

>> we'll let you slide on that one.

>> first one is world peace , second one is a jet pack , and third one, i'd like to die in agony, with my family.

>> good to see you! i'll see you soon. good-bye. careful.

>> ricky gervais . he almost walked right into the flat there, anyway.

>> fun to see that. and you made it safely out of that tiny little bottle,