TODAY   |  April 18, 2013

5 affordable travel getaways for your family

Sarah Spagnolo from Travel + Leisure magazine reveals places where you and your family will have a good time without busting the budget, including Chicago, Orcas Island, Wash., and Southern California.

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>>> in today's travel, affordable family getaway, you may have just returned from your spring break trip, now it's time to start booking for summertime to get the best deals.

>> from the great outdoors to the windy city , there's something for everybody on a budget. sara spagnolo is the editor in charge of digital projects for "travel and leisure" magazine.

>> if you grew up at a camp like i did, you know how great it is to be in the outdoors and have your days packed with activities a maine camp experience, 31 camps and some open up to the public in august for a selection of dates or even for a week. you bring your kids, it's 65 per person per night. that includes activities and meals. you can do -- you know, water skiing, lobster bakes.

>> for the whole family?

>> yes.

>> what a great experience for the families where the kids aren't ready to go off by themselves.

>> and the best part, is that you can totally have fun, because no electronics allowed. great bonding time.

>> it might be tougher for mom and dad .

>> the west coast ?

>> if you're looking for the northeast, actually are we going to do carlsbad right now?

>> that's california.

>> you want to do an amusement park , you also want the beach, this is the west inn, a quick drive to lego land . take the kids on great rides and amazing beaches, just north of san diego . rates there start at $159. breakfast and cookies and milk at turn-down.

>>> now washington state is another good spot.

>> the san juan islands .

>> so beautiful. it's a favorite. orca island, whale watching , look how beautiful that is they have a museum that dates back to the early 1900s there. the rates there are about $119 through june, their high season. they open up for memorial day . you have an entire month to experience it.

>> can i say $119 again?

>> you can say it, sarah.

>> fantastic.

>>> big cedar lodge in the midwest.

>> big cedar lodge is in the ozarks in missouri.

>> i've stayed there. it's fantastic.

>> a flight from l.a., denver, from chicago.

>> and so much to do in branson .

>> less than $150 a night. less than $200 a night i should say. 80 log cabins . activities, tennis, spa, fishing.

>> it goes on for acres and acres, it's huge.

>> 180 acres.

>> of course she knew.

>> you could visit the "titanic" when you're in branson . they have the "titanic" in branson .

>>> what about chicago?

>> the windy city , a great city for kids, you can stay here for $159 a night. tulips are blooming, great weather for baseball, aquarium. all sorts of great stuff. and you can stay there and kids eat free at the in-house restaurant. another way to save money.