TODAY   |  April 17, 2013

Grow your own greens with Martha’s edible garden

Martha Stewart shows how you can enjoy the best spring has to offer by growing healthy vegetables and herbs including lavender, mint and greens in your very own yard.

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>> we have stepped out on the plaza for " martha on today" doing edible gardens. good morning.

>> spring is in the air. so many people ask me how can they garden without a garden . matt lauer asked me how to garden without a garden . this is it.

>> i was at her garden by the way and many of her gardens, this week, unbelievable. you're an expert on this.

>> pot, container gardens , this is a nice way to grow things and get your hand into gardening. are you agardener?

>> what is your guess.

>> no.

>> you have to have holes so good drainage so cover that with this fiber, and a little bit of weight to hold that down so the soil doesn't wash out of the hole. then in your fancy coat, dump that right into here.

>> what needs to be in the soil?

>> this is going to be a tea garden so you're going to grow things, oops.

>> sorry.

>> i have some dirt in my hair.

>> it's on your face. you look great, though.

>> okay, so just dump the whole thing.

>> all right.

>> we need to fill about three-quarters full of soil and then we'll start planting things that would be fragrant and delicious in an herbal tea .

>> what is a good combination? does everything get along with everything else?

>> in herbs pretty much. lavender, we make ice cream , remember squeeze the pot and get the whole root ball out. you don't need those. we need more than that for this.

>> oh, gosh.

>> savannah, you're holding up our tea garden .

>> by the way this is the easiest part of the job . sorry it's messy. isn't gardening about getting a little dirty?

>> a little messy. here is lavender and this is a beautiful summer savory and then mint of course because mint tea or peppermint tea would be tasty, and all these herbs you can buy at the local garden centers right now.

>> how about herbs in terms of their sunlight necessity, they need a lot, right?

>> full sun. if you have a sunny terrace or the spot on your back stairs.

>> did you say how much water?

>> lemon balm . smells so good. and then you fell in around each of these herbs.

>> can i ask you, when it's time to actually use some of the herbs, do you cut from the top or bottom? mine gets leggy.

>> the more you snip the more they grow. that's tea. here is our salsa garden .

>> i love this idea.

>> this is so much fun because i love salsa in summertime with a spoon of it over fish or on a taco, and so you're going to do a sweet pepper , a jalapeno pepper , you want chives, tomato plant . this is a cherry tomato plant.

>> particular kind of soil?

>> this is potting soil you can boy, there's very good potting soils in the garden centers right now that have time release fertilizer in them so this is a good thing. put the big thing in the middle, and then you have cilantro, essential in a salsa and again try to get the whole root ball out. don't yank because you might break the plant. this needs good sun, probably eight hours of sun.

>> how often do you water this?

>> when it gets dry. put your finger in the oil and probably every other day.

>> okay.

>> you'll get a very nice garden and again this has to be all filled in and you can keep doing that.

>> i will. i just didn't want to get you dirty. give me a wide berth here, martha .

>> savannah when you go to martha 's house she tries to get you to get green juice .

>> it was good?

>> i never had it, remember i left beforehand.

>> here is our green -- there's a big article in the paper today about green juice and what goes in green juice is your preference, if you don't mind strong, you could add kale. here's some kale and collards. i like it with parsley and celery and here's another very nicer er iterra cotta pot.

>> this is incredibly healthy. however when you're making a juice isn't it nice to put something sweet in there?

>> i like to put a pear. apples are a little bit, they're sort of empty calories.

>> how about beets?

>> if you like beets it gets color to the juice. i find that very sugary.

>> that's the point.

>> or you can add sugar.

>> no, no, no, no. no, no, no. see how pretty this looks and chard has wonderful nutrients as a spinach. couldn't find any spinach growing in the garden centers yesterday.

>> these are feisty.

>> the roots are well developed. that's what you look for.

>> my roots are well developed as well because i'm having the same issue.

>> that looks good.

>> thank you.

>> those are going to grow so the peppers are going to get big and the tomato much larger than that. you'll probably have to stake it.

>> a tea garden , salsa garden and healthy juices.

>> the fourth is a salad garden . this is just salad. they call this snip garden .