TODAY   |  April 09, 2013

Author: ‘Other parents make my job more difficult’

Jill Smokler, also known as the blogger Scary Mommy, talks about her humorous new book, “Motherhood Comes Naturally … and Other Lies.” She also explains her dislike for the phrase “it takes a village” and answers parenting questions.

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>>> back now with today's moms. parenthood is great but can be frustrating and stressful and full of mommy myths that are not true. you're about to ameliorate a very funny lady . the author of this fun book called "motherhood comes naturally and other vicious lies." good morning. by the way, i don't have kids i have a niece. reading this book i was laughing out loud. you have so many great anecdote anecdotes.

>> i started five years ago. it evolved into this parenting website. it's taken on a life of its own.

>> so many myths out there in your book that's very funny. one involves the tooth fairy i don't know why this caught me. but explain that.

>> the tooth fairy is in the chapter "the lie is its takes a village." we all pitch in. but from my perspective the other parents just make my job more difficult. we have kids whose parents play the tooth fairy and give them a $10 bill , $20 bill . sets the bar way too high for the rest of us pap quarter. a silver dollar . it's crazy.

>> i love about the little kid who goes the carnival and comes back with a goldfish and goes mom i got a goldfish.

>> it's a pet.

>> not a store own. that's awful. it's like another mom who ends up giving your child that.

>> there should be a code of ethics among mothers that you just don't do that.

>> you have three kids. three kids under the age of 9.

>> 5, 7 and 9. where do you get your parenting advice?

>> my own message boards for the most part. if i have a question, i have a community of thousands of women who are online who answer questions and have been in places write haven't. i call my mom. i just botch everything up. it sounds like you use humor and that's very critical.

>> i do. that's the number one necessity as a mother.

>> you know speaking of questions, we have questions right here in our little experience nbc store.

>> i have kim who has an issue that a lot of parents can relate to. tell me about your kids.

>> basically i got an 11-year-old boy an a 14-year-old girl. and they are always on facebook or don't want family time any more they are too busy with their electronics. how do you get them to join in?

>> take it away. it's a lot easier said than done because i came off a two week long spring break and my kids bond their ipads. sometimes take it away, hide it. put it off limits and go back, to you know, sort of the old-fashioned days before that.

>> here's one facebook question from someone in new jersey. she wrote, is it okay to take your kids on a family vacation and put them in the kids club from the time they open until the time they close?

>> yes. if you want to relax on that family vacation, and that's an option, then do it. i think, you know, if you want to go away without the kids, go away without the kids. if you want to bring them and have family time do it.

>> natalie has another one.

>> your problem is seeing scary attractions at the movies and how that affects your kids?

>> yes at home on television he sees coming attractions to scary movies and now he won't sleep in his bed.

>> what do we do there, genius?

>> i never claim to be a parenting expert. i suppose maybe limit the tv shows he watches. don't have channels and networks that have attractions like that, dvr shows. have him watch a particular show. my kids don't get scared by the trailers but then my daughter wanted pajama jeans because she saw them advertised.

>> here we go. here's one question from rekbaek. how should i handle the public tantrums from my 3-year-old. should i stand firm and put up with a howling child and get disapproving stares or bribe him with food or my iphone.

>> stan firm and let them have their tantrum. pass over the m&ms and iphone. whatever in that moment helps you survive and cope.

>> one more.

>> we have nicki. you have a son going off to college.

>> he's going to another state. how do i make him independent. how do i get him ready?

>> my sons are 5 and 7. i do way too much for them. so i suppose stop ironing, stop washing clothes and hopefully eventually he won't want to smell.

>> all right. jill thank you very much. jill's book is v-very funny one of those laugh out loud books.