TODAY   |  April 03, 2013

KLG: It’s ‘terrifying’ when paparazzi swarm celebs

TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb discuss the recent airport scuffle involving Halle Berry and paparazzi who swarmed her and her 5-year-old daughter after the actress landed in Los Angeles.

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>>> from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb .

>> we are cooking around here. it's wines-day wednesday. hoda's favorite day. it's april 3rd .

>> already.

>> we know it's chilly outside, but we don't give a rip.

>> we don't care. when you have to pull out the sweaters, i found a warm, woollen sweater.

>> his name is blake -- but he's throwing up.

>> he barfed last night.

>> i didn't know what was going on, honestly, i think he barfed up some dent at floss.

>> maybe somebody needs to keep their apartment cleaner.

>> i have to clean it so often, because the dog walkers come in.

>> now i -- because i'm embarrassed. you can't have somebody -- i used to leave it for the cleaning lady on wednesday, but now i clean it every single day.

>> this puppy is a godsend.

>> the greatest dog ever.

>> you're a mother now. itso.

>> yeah.

>> you're worried, concerned. the thing you used to think was important --

>> they did say if you drop an advil in the apartment, you don't leave until you find it, because he could die. now i'm paranoid and panicking about everything.

>> but you're leaving him in his crate, i hope.

>> yes.

>> even though some people have told you not to do that.

>> there was a troubling scene at l.a.x. at the airport.

>> one i've seen way too many times.

>> halle berry and her fiance were walking through with their daughter. look at this crush of paparazzi.

>> look at her holding her eyesivities at one point he's trying to get in the car and halle is screaming "this is a child ." "there's a child here."

>> you can see olivia is is about to go crazy.

>> he was in a confrontation over this before. unless you've been experienced that --

>> knows what it feels like.

>> it's terrifying. it's terrifying that it's you, and then when your children are there, it's awful. think about the child . everything is big to them, you know. you were talking about, it would be interesting to put a camera on these children, like little mason, the kardashian little kid, and see the world through their eyes, and all those lights and people, and people pushing.

>> coming at you.

>> there was a law just passed, steven tyler law, in hawaii to protect stars, the right to sue over unwanted photos, when they're just on vacation in the islands.

>> it's weird. when you see someone like that, you would think there's some level of just respect and decorum when there's a child . i know you can get a lot of dough --

>> let's talk about how much. what's in it for them? it's just a picture. if you get a picture of demi moore , $100,000. jackson, 160,000. $110,000 for jennifer aston. $200,000 for justin timberlake and jessica -- half a million for blue ivy carter.

>> because there's so few.

>> it's supply and demand . if you can get jay-z angry because he's protecting little blue ivy, you can probably double your money and have a million declare payout. that's because of those those of us who buy the celebrity magazines. if there was no market for it, it wouldn't happen.

>> the money shot is probably the angry face. any time you get a rise out of someone the that's why they're walking so calmly, cooley.

>> most decent people understand a parent just protecting their child . they're thinking this is my child , and you react the way any parent would.

>> i think it was awful.

>>> so if you stayed home last night and watched "the voice".

>> i get all the information from you, hoda.

>> there was a young lady named betsy barta. she san an a dele song to bewe begin with.

>> okay. everyone is mouthing she's good. not one chair turned. she got nobody.

>> wow.

>> she got zero.

>> i'm wondering if they're thinking about people they've already chosen and thinking -- by now they have ton strategic, right?

>> yeah.

>> they're starting to get into that part of it. they're thinking i already have a singer that sings like that. i don't want to pit the two together. you know what i'm saying?

>> it could be that. the star of the night was a 17-year-old named savannah barry. she put her music out, she home-schooled, and all she wanted to do is music. when she stepped out there, she said if one chair turns, i know i'm doing the right thing.

>> wow.

>> so let's watch.

>> she got three chairs. three chairs turned for her.

>> she's great, right?

>> isn't she great?

>> yeah.

>> she ended up going with blake.

>> she writes her own tough. that's from "hunger games" but she also writes. huge career for her.

>> when they're finally over, all their emotions, she burst out crying. she goes, oh, my god, i did it.

>> i san go down moses at the junior miss pageant, and i got kicked out. that's when i knew i had a big career in front of me.

>> is that what you sang?

>> yes.

>> this is ultra-disturbing. you wonner how is this happening at rutgers, but the coach there, mike rice . this video was captured over the course of a couple years. what you don't hear is the homophobic expletive that he's creaming at his players. apparently what happened is this video surfaced, the head guys at rutgers suspended him for three games, and then he got back in the coaching world, and fined him, too, for $50,000, which is a lot of money.

>> the guy that took the video later got fired, so he was suing for a wrongful firing.

>> getting complicated. i'm doing the best i can.

>> but the deal is what's going on with this guy? how is he not fired right away?

>> this is the first time he's surfaced, treating the kids like this for years?

>> he said from 2010 to 2012 is when these were taken. the athletic department was aware of it.

>> i'm not saying this is the case, but i believe that these kinds of sports, they bring in so much money to the universities, the sports and sports heroes become gods to the people. we saw what happened at penn state , what happens when you care more about your school and winning than you care about your kids. we have to put kids first. always, always, hoda woman.

>> you saw bobby knight , remember when he choked that guy.

>> yeah. we know it's wrong when we see it.

>> but i remember in high school -- this is -- but i remember my coach at one point i played basketball, i remember i was looking out the window daydreaming action and i remember he threw the ball at me and i was remember how shocked i was. it was so jarring. the team ganged up on the coach and said, what are you doing?

>> right.

>> in this case it look like normal, everyday behaviors.

>> 90% of you said in our poll he should be fired. unless he truly apologizes, to go into some sort of training to change.

>> i wonder if he has kids. if you're yelling and pushing, shoving all these kids on your team.

>> probably there's no better time to talk about what's sitting in front of me. this is an organization called child help . i've been working with. i've forgotten, maybe 20 years. they're incredible ladies that we have met here before. sara andie von, the they founded it. you guys, when i started working with child abuse -- today is the day of hope. usually i would be in washington, d.c. today. we light this candle in congress, to commemorate and pay homage to the two children back then, who would die today this very day in this country of child abuse or neglect. last year it was four wicks, the year before that it was three. we are now up to five children, every day in our nation children dies of neglect or abuse. if it was any other thing we would be outraged. it's our nation's greatest shame, we do not stand up for these vulnerable kids. if you suspect something, you can anonymous and call 1-800-4-a child . or if you need counseling go to this organization.

>>> let me tell you about this "dateline." we have just started again "dateline wednesdays."

>> not as fun as the wines-day wednesday. they are fascinating.

>> it's so juicy. this one has a love triangle , and there is a murder, and you wonder who does what. a guy goes missing, and it's a weird thing, where is this guy? where has he been? it takes some crazy twists and turns, but involves poisoning of snapple that he was going to drink, and a gardener.

>> and a gardener. take a listen.

>>> when kevin mangle was a no-show for the family barbecue on father's day, his sister michelle was disappointed, and more than a little confused.

>> he had called my husband to say how excited he was to spend father's day, that sunday, with all of us.

>> so it was supposed to be a big father's day celebration.

>> and he couldn't have been more excited.

>> his younger brother chris knew how much he was looking from a are to being with his family. after all, kevin had just reconciled with their dad after many rocky years.

>> i thought, man, this is odd. why would he do this now? it doesn't make any sense.

>> the story morgan, the wife, told that kevin had taken off, told her that the marriage was over. in fact by father's day, he had already been gone for two days.

>> kevin is fine, he's clearing his head.

>> what do you mean he's fine.

>> he had to leave just clear his head.

>> you'll see a lot of hoda back at it.

>> oh, my god.

>> a little frightening to me. i don't line dateline hoda.

>> let's go over to sarah.

>> i love dateline hoda.

>>> we have a new series called joyful cookoff. we're looking for healthier recipes on ext -- this monday wire looking for healthy lasagna recipes. the three finalists will make your recipe here live, and the grand prize will have it featured on the website.

>> i think we should do it all the time. love it, love it.