TODAY   |  April 01, 2013

TODAY anchors fooled by proposal prank

Willie Geist and Natalie Morales, along with Martha Stewart, look on with concern as a heartfelt proposal of marriage seemingly goes awry. They learn, however, that on April 1, you can’t believe everything you see.

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>> we go to break we brought in a couple people off the plaza, scott and susan from columbus, ohio. you made a great sign.

>> you have a birthday today.

>> it's my birthday.

>> happy birthday .

>> scott, you have a business to attend to.

>> yeah, i do, susan , i'm so happy that we're spending your birthday here in new york, and i have a little extra surprise for you. susan you're the love of my life and i want us to be together forever and susan , will you marry me.

>> oh, wow.

>> all right.

>> it's okay.

>> it's hard.

>> i love you, baby.

>> take your time, this is a big --

>> a little surprised.

>> she didn't know.

>> we should point out susan had no idea this was going to happen.

>> she thought this was the surprise. baby.

>> i'll hold your sign.

>> i don't want to do this again. can we stop the camera, please? can we stop the camera?

>> baby, your parents are watching. it's live.

>> we should say this is charlie and cody from improv anywhere , april fool 's day.

>> i totally got it, i got it. don't worry.

>> it is your birthday.

>> it is my birthday.

>> you were so real.

>> charlie is founder of improv everywhere .

>> she made me very unhappy. i had no idea. but i think she overreacted. she could have said yes or no quickly.

>> actors married in real life