TODAY   |  March 26, 2013

Tasty Easter traditions: Lamb and ham

Chef Seamus Mullen shows TODAY’s Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb how to whip up a delicious spice-crusted lamb and a maple- and cider-glazed ham, perfect for your traditional Easter dinner.

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>>> now in today's kitchen, easter delights.

>> easter dinner is always a feast. but should you make ham or lamb?

>> here to show you an easy and delicious way to impress your guests by making both dishes is chef seamus mullen.

>> nice to see you guys.

>> you're making one of my favorite things.

>> we're making lambchops. we're going to stop with a simple rub. orange zest , lemon zest , kosher salt , cumin, coriander -- mix it all up together. sprinkling it on top of these chops --

>> i'm going to get my hands dirty. you can stay nice and clean.

>> that's look good.

>> yes. and this is easy. one of the easiest ways to do lamb. we're going to serve it with an herb risotto. hot pan. get these guys seared. a little bit of olive oil . takes about a minute and a half on each side, they're so small. if you could grab those. we're going to go --

>> put them on here?

>> is that risotto?

>> yes. classic risotto. i made a puree with herbs, basil, oregano and thyme. you can see these go super, super fast.

>> so good.

>> we've got our lamb done.

>> we leave a couple of minutes for the ham. thank you, hodi.

>> let me hook you up with a little bit of rice here.

>> okay.

>> got to have some rice.

>> i'm here with the ham.

>> i know you want the lamb chop . you have to have a little rice .

>> that's delicious.

>> we've got our hands --

>> sara, we'll save you some.

>> this is our spiraled ham that we've slowly roasted in the oven. now we're going to glaze it. for our glaze, i have some apple cider that i'm reducing with maple leafs syrup and spices. cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. i'm from vermont so i can't go without having maple syrup .

>> save the wine! where did hoda go?

>> right here.

>> look at that. you're hired. we'll drink and let hoda work.

>> cheers! so then what?

>> we've got our glaze. because it's ham, we need to have some mustard, a little dijon mustard , add it into the glaze, a little bit of garlic. just a little bit. and then we're going to take this glaze and brush it right onto our ham and then go back into the oven. we'll raise the temperature in the oven and the rest --

>> get that crunchy top to it.

>> that nice glaze, goes back into the oven. what we're looking for is right here. this is what we have. our final deal here. little carving knife.

>> i can't stop eating the lamb chops is the problem.

>> wait till you get some of this ham. you'll love this. .

>> you're not serving it -- one or the other, it's both?

>> both.

>> all the recipes are on our website.

>> hoda gets a dog tomorrow.