TODAY   |  March 25, 2013

Timberlake’s album soars with almost 1 million sales

Entertainment Weekly’s Tim Stack fills Kathie Lee and Hoda in on some of the weekend buzz from Hollywood, including Justin Timberlake’s new album selling almost 1 million copies while Tina Fey’s new movie, “Admission,” tanked at the box office.

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>>> and now on "today's buzz," from a box office weekend shocker to the debut of justin timberlake 's newest album.

>> here with "the buzz," senior writer --

>> did you get promoted?

>> no. i'm doing god's work on this show.

>> let's not go too far. okay?

>> carbon monoxide of a debbie downer for tina fey 's movie, "admission."

>> i know. it did not do great. basically, it's a bomb, basically. it opened this weekend. it's a bomb. opened this weekend at like $6.4 million.

>> what were they expecting?

>> i think they were expecting probably higher in the teens or at least like double digits. but the big news was "the croods," a dreamworks movie, which did really well.

>> we loved "olympus' fall." i was stunned to see so many critics didn't like it.

>> it got like an a-minus from audiences. i think it's going play really well into the summer.

>> what about tina's? word of mouth at this point?

>> i don't think audiences liked it. they gave it a b-minus, not great. i think it was mismarketed, it's a weird plot, and --

>> besides that, how was it?

>> yeah.

>> paul rudd .

>> paul rudd 's not goon a good box office track right now. he's kind of like box office poison .

>> put his hand up like that. i can't think of him the same way anymore.

>> not sure i'm familiar with that role. okay. a snuff film ?

>> what about "spring breakers"?

>> that did pretty well. this kind of sexually charged movie about these teens going on spring break, selena gomez --

>> and four thongs.

>> starring four thongs. it did actually -- it did okay. it expanded. but i think word of mouth . people seem to be very polarized by it. it's not surprising because this director is kind of a -- he's an acquired taste, and i think people were sort of turned off by the graphicness of it.

>> and the kids, the fan base, can't go.

>> they have to sneak in. it does limit the audience.

>> all i heard was how amazing james frankel was but he doesn't show up until late in the film.

>> he's supposed to be amazing. i think the rest of the movie is like -- unless you like thongs.

>> let's talk about tilda swinton . what is she doing?

>> i don't know, but i'm obsessed with it.

>> explain it.

>> she might be here right now in a box. she's everywhere. she has been -- over the weekend she popped up in a box in the m moma and she's sleeping.

>> the art museum .

>> it's a performance art called dwt maybe" she's done before previously in 1995 , 1996 . look at this kid. mommy, why is the woman from clayton in a box? why is -- so confusing.

>> is she actually sleeping? i don't know i could fall asleep with all those eyeballs. you might drool or something.

>> ambien? where does she pee? she has a bucket of water and some glasses.

>> maybe there. why the glasses?

>> exactly. i don't know. are you reading? i feel like that box is going to get stinky. a lot of --

>> she's a quirky woman.

>> i'm not saying she's stinky. just life, nature happens.

>> maybe they change her sheets.

>> let's talk justin timberlake real quick, his album.

>> "20/20 experience," on track to sell between 950,000 and 975,000, maybe a million --

>> in the first week.

>> in the first week. maybe a million by the end of today. not sure.

>> he can't do anything wrong these days.

>> and remember we talked about him being the host of the oscars?

>> it was in the paper now.

>> we called it.

>> can you say something good about me and maybe that will happen to me?

>> no.