TODAY   |  March 21, 2013

Glam-mas: Makeup tutorial for seniors goes viral

In a world of anti-aging ads and Botox, makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recently posted a makeup tutorial to help older women embrace their age, which some seniors are calling “a psychological facelift.” NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports, and Eldridge makes over several seniors.

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>>> to a video that's become a sensation online for mature women. we're going to meet the women behind it in a moment. but first with the story, here's nbc's michelle kosinski .

>> reporter: her videos are straightforward enough.

>> i'm going to do a make-up tutorial today for more mature ladies .

>> reporter: thing is, she means it. in a world full of anti-aging ads, young women with barely a line, lisa decided to tackle real wrinkles. age spots .

>> i chose a model that didn't have a face with botox with a woman in her 60s without any work done. it really resinated with so many people.

>> reporter: and her results with the reaction.

>> i love it. i'm really amazed. so good.

>> reporter: instantly captured the excitement of hundreds of thousands of women online.

>> young people leaving comments saying things like, oh, this made me less afraid of aging.

>> reporter: for us in her london home, she took it a step further with her model yvonne.

>> a psychological facelift or something.

>> reporter: lisa gives the tips to avoid the pitfalls of wearing too much or too little. starting with a tinted moisturizer.

>> it doesn't attempt to paper over the cracks. it's about evening out the skin tone .

>> and that's where i think people go wrong.

>> it looks fabulous on drag queens , you know, to have that completely blanked out look.

>> reporter: her best advice, thin layers of foundation and concealer later.

>> i'm going to use a pen which is waterproof. it's incredibly soft and really gentle.

>> i think a lot of women are afraid to pencil in brows thinking it will make them look older.

>> it often does because they use pencils that are too dark.

>> so you're like the rembrandt of make-up.

>> make sure there are no harsh edges, which is one of the big things about make-up.

>> reporter: nothing brightens an aging face or brings back definition more --

>> makes a huge difference.

>> reporter: the trick is to go for creamy and fresh, not glittery. and no harsh lip liner , think dewy with light gloss in the middle.

>> doesn't look like an old lady trying to look younger.

>> other girls have been saying, oh, i did this on my grandmother and she looked fantastic and felt wonderful. and that for me is just so lovely. so rewarding.

>> everybody wants to be glamorous. doesn't matter what age, you want to feel glamorous. i feel fabulous.

>> reporter: nbc news, london.

>> and lisa elderedge is with us this morning to demonstrate her make-up secrets on five lucky ladies . lynn, ana, kathy, kate, and judy. you ladies already look pretty darn good. you've got some tips. and is this something easy anybody listening can do?

>> very simple and quick. i'm going to do fresh, natural day look. something you can go to the shops in or work.

>> were you surprised at what a hit this became online and had such a response?

>> yes, because all of the videos that i make are inspired by the letters i get. real women with real problems whether it's a teenager's acne or in this case so many letters from women in their 50s, 60s and 70s. predominantly saying i'm scared of make-up. i haven't worn it in years, my skin isn't like it used to be. and i'm terrified of making my skin look worse. so i feel, okay, i'll reply to all of these ladies in the video and it's taken off a lot more than i thought.

>> you have basically the 15-step process, right?

>> yes. you can make it a bit shorter depending on how much time you've got.

>> we're going to actually take the next few minutes and demonstrate and we'll check back in with the ladies to see the after. but let's start here. and what is the first step here?

>> we've done the base on all the ladies to save time. and the key to the base is something very light. so heavy bases tend to get stuck in the wrinkles. we want it very, very fresh and light. tinted moisturizer is actually perfect. the next i'm going to go on to blusher. i'm going to use a cream blush, which is great if your skin gets dry if you get older. the only lady that isn't going to do this is kathy because lots of older ladies get red flushes and things. i've advised her. she's going to use powder. but blush is so important because it really brings a life back into the skin. and what we're aiming to do. we don't want old fashioned -- but the new formulation is soft and supple. so i'm blending the blusher over the apple of the cheek. and the key really is to make sure there's no harsh edges. lots of light, feathery strokes.

>> blending in is --

>> blending in is everything. you don't need to be too precise. it needs to be soft. use your fingers like butterfly wings . lots and lots of light strokes blending in. and step back because as you're getting older, you might need a magnifying mirror, and the whole process close up and you step back --

>> you want to step back and get the overall feel.

>> and keep checking.

>> after blush, what do we do?

>> going to eyes. an eye primer. a relatively new thing. hasn't been out that long. and this is great for -- you apply it almost like an eye cream under the eyes because lots of the letters, ladies who say i love to wear eye liner but ends up in the creases, everywhere.

>> yeah.

>> these are fantastic for holding it in place all day.

>> okay.

>> next i'm going to use an eye pencil. and the key to this. as you're getting older, your lashes become more sparse. i'm going to use a pencil and go right into the almost like the roots of the lashes.

>> are you under the eyelids?

>> almost, not quite. the roots, the lashes. and the tip here really is don't try and draw the perfect line because it's never going to work.

>> you're being a very good client here.

>> and then just smudge that in.

>> okay.

>> and the key really is it just needs to -- needs to give you definition without being this graphic line.

>> we're going to continue this process, we're going to check in in a few moments.