TODAY   |  March 20, 2013

Score discounts on spring shawls, sunglasses

In a spring-themed edition of Steals and Deals, TODAY contributor Jill Martin shares ruffled shawls, 7 For All Mankind sunglasses, handbags, and more, all at deeply discounted prices.

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>>> back now a spring fling edition of " jill 's steals and deals" we bring you deeply discounted items exclusively for you our "today" viewers. jill martin is here, got a lot of great deals to walk us through. remind people how this works.

>> this is the spring edition, even though we're freezing. go on to right now all the items will be listed. we'll link to you the retailers. west coast i've gotten your tweets, we're holding items for the west coast . if it says soldout logon again west coast time and they'll be available.

>> a perfect transition piece for spring, the ruffled shawls from april maron.

>> retail $89, you might need a few. one size fits all available in six colors, the best selling piece, retail $89, you see all these beautiful colors, the deal is $26, that's 71% off.

>> can wrap them around my legs right now. over here we've got sunglasses by seven for all mankind.

>> retail $140, you see there's three, i left two for to you try on here.

>> a lot of celebrity fans.

>> check which one you like and good for your shaped face. tortoise, black and purple. they're big on but

>> a little big .

>> they look good. sort of like hollywood. charlize thereon , emma stone , jessica al ba, katie holmes and ryan reynolds . the deal $42, that's 70% off.

>> fantastic. ladies you'll love this one because it's time to go through your lingerie and probably redo your drawers a little bit. the best selling most comfortable thong the hankie panky.

>> the retail is $65. this is the party pack, one size fits all signature lace thongs, a solid, print and a low fwgo to go. jennifer garner , beyonce.

>> i like them, too.

>> the retail for the set is $65, the deal is $23.

>> that's amazing. you can usually get one for $23. fantastic. over here you've got the colorful watches from rubber. i like these.

>> i'm wearing these now.

>> everybody is into these bright colorful watches.

>> celeb fans include my mom. retail $79.99, oversized interchangeable face, you get one band with one face but you can buy additional faces, mix and match different color bands, unisex, silicone, great for sports and outdoor activities, retail $79.99, the deal $19.99. good for spring.

>> over to the great, these are real leather bags from joe band bags, they can fit everything, worn across the body, they have a long chain here.

>> these are fun. if you want to buy one bag for spring the retail $380, they're 100% cowhide leather, gun metal , and available in seven colors. go online it will say which color is way. retail $380, the deal $72, that's 81% off. so i have you ready for spring when it decides to warm up.

>> jill martin, great steals and deals once again. the products she'll remind you the april marin spring shawl, the 7 for all mankind sunglasses, the hanky panky underwear, the rubber watches and the joe handbags. head to our website and look for the coupon code and submit any questions you have about our steals