TODAY   |  March 19, 2013

At-home beauty: 8 tricks of the trade

From brushing with baking soda to whiten teeth to using beet juice as a natural lip tint, SuChin Pak of shares her favorite at-home beauty tricks of the trade.

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>>> this morning on "tooled's beauty" tricks of the trade. you don't have so spend a fortune at the spa to look good. the chief correspondent of daily, tsu chin, can you put these together at home?

>> you're not going to have the pampering but you can do it yourself. what i love about all this stuff you can find a lot of the ingredients already in high-end products but you can get it into a concentrated form not diluted with chemicals or water. this is straight goodness.

>> you know what's in it. an aroma therapy facial, starting with tea.

>> you cool the teas off of all of these wonderful relaxing teas for your skin and then you have these essential oils and add that. this is great for any skin that has inflammation, sensitive skin .

>> rosemary, lavender.

>> really calming so if you have acne or blemishes or sensitive skin this is great and keep it bottled in your fridge for up to two weeks.

>> this is what it looks like.

>> it's a lovely smell.

>> i smell the tea and the lavender.

>> this is also really great as an aftershave toner for the men in your family.

>> wonderful. over here to a lip tint. is this made from beets?

>> it is. we started off with a beautiful lip balm , and we added this is just one drop of beet juice and you can add as much as you want depending on the color. the thing about beet juice , it's saturated in color and if you've ever looked at what's in your lipstick, a lot of it, a lot of that stuff you don't really want to eat so this is a nice natural --

>> how do you get the juice from the beet?

>> you can do a juice press or buy beet juice from whole foods.

>> you'll demonstrate on martha .

>> martha --

>> she's allowing us to do everything to her today. we're going to buy her a big lunch or promotion probably.

>> there it is, this is just one drop of beet juice .

>> very natural .

>> a deeper, richer color.

>> okay now we're moving over to face and body scrubs and let's talk first about a honey mask, now what are the properties of honey good for the face you'll show again on our poor martha ?

>> she'll be looking and feeling fabulous. honey is a natural anti- anti-bacterial and tightens the pores. you want a raw natural honey, none of the processed stuff, you want it in natural form. it's a lot simpler to apply than you would think for honey especially when it's in this form, not as goopy. so martha we're going to slather on the honey. you apply it and as you can see --

>> once or twice a week?

>> you can do this almost every day. it's so -- it's just such a natural ingredient. all this stuff is really natural and there's nothing harsh or chemically about it.

>> anti-dak tierianti-bacterial and adds moisture.

>> adds moisture and the great thing you can do the dishes.

>> poor martha , don't worry, we'll let you clean up in a minute. martha has gorgeous hair.

>> this is one egg white and two ripe bananas. this is great to add shine to your hair. it sort of seals in moisture. don't worry if we're running through this quickly. all of the recipes are on, lots of tricks. i'm going to take this and --

>> wow.

>> martha 's hair which has been ravaged by the winter.

>> oh my gosh, you poor thing. you didn't know what you were signing yourself up for.

>> i'm going to put this on her head.

>> yeah.

>> here it goes.

>> so you put it on.

>> work it in, lather it.

>> it feels fantastic.

>> martha is loving it, just loving it. this is okay, it's just natural television.

>> she'll have to shower after the segment.

>> you put it through like you would a hair masks. hair masks in salons hundreds of dollars but here just a couple of dollars but --

>> okay.

>> once you rinse this off you keep it in your hair 10 to 20 minutes .

>> you don't have to go to work right now, do you?

>> like i said she's getting a huge promotion after this.

>> let's move on and leave martha , let her moisturize and everything else here.

>> we're going to go ahead and get that off in just a second. okay.

>> a lot of people spend a lot of money on perfumes. you can make your own fragrance.

>> this is a great to really stretch your favorite fragrance. you take a little bit of body balm or petroleum jelly , you spray the perfume onto your wrist and the balm keeps that perfume smelling longer and longer. you use a little bit and this will pretty much last all day. you don't have to reapply.

>> we have much more on our website

>> that's right.

>> martha thank you for being such a good sport. we really appreciate it and suchin