TODAY   |  March 18, 2013

Julia Stiles talks about new role as call girl

Many of you know actress Julia Stiles from her role in “Save The Last Dance,” but she’s now taking on a role as a mom who has a desk job by day and is a call girl by night in “Blue,” a series featured on YouTube.

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>>> hollywood's most versatile actresses, it was the dance-off scene in " save the last dance " that caught the attention of people everywhere. and then she was in the action trilogy "bourne" and the oscar winning film "silver linings playbook." in her new film she's a desk job by day and call girl by night. let's take a look.

>> i sit and stare at my computer like a zombie. my co-workers have no idea about me. they have no idea the things that we do together.

>> here's the good thing about zbl julia -- while that's running you're completely cringing, how come?

>> because it's raunchy. i mean i don't know, when we were filming i was much bolder than i am now. having to sit here and watch it. anyway. yeah.

>> your character is so interesting, she's a mom who is an accountant by day and a call girl by night and you're trying to kind of hide this from your son, who happens to be a very, very per secretaryive young boy , isn't he?

>> yeah. she's living a double life and her son is getting older, starting to be interested in girls. and -- it turns out that the father of one of his clatmassmates is one of blue's clients.

>> that was an awkward scene. when he walks in, you can see the registry in your eyes.

>> and what is she going to do with this information. because she could totally expose him to his wife. she ends up kind of blackmailing him later.

>> what is it like to play a hooker?

>> let's cut right to the chase.

>> and what made you want to do this?

>> well rodrigo garcia who created the show approached me and asked me if i wanted to be a part of it and at first i was like, oh, the internet --

>> it's like the wild wild west , right?

>> it's the way people are watching more and more programming and the read the script and the first scene really hooked me. it was such a great premise and there's so much room for drama when you have this woman who is trying to keep her life together and kind of keep, the lives get more and more overwhelming -- lies get more and more overwhelming for her.

>> it gets scary, a guy comes into your apartment and you're trying to keep him out, it's one of the things that call girls have to deal with.

>> when we decided to make a second season, i did say to rodrigo, as much as i enjoy the more comic elments of the first season, in order to be realistic about how dangerous the situation can get, we have to have somebody be mean to her. unfortunately.

>> we wish you good luck. by the way, each episode is eight minutes, very quick but fun to watch. can