TODAY   |  March 07, 2013

Winter storm pounds East Coast with snow, wind

TODAY’s Al Roker reports on the winter storm that has already brought snow and dangerous winds to much of the East Coast and is continuing to travel north into New England.

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>>> let's start with the new winter threat of the storm. al.

>> a look live. this is the latest we can give you from worcester, massachusetts . it is windy and snowing. they will pick 5 -8 inches of snow over the next 24- 36 hours . let's look at the other side of this system, coastal flooding. this is in new jersey and you can see there will be coastal flooding. look at the debris from the surge that has come in and they have another surge within the next 12 hours. this area already hard hit by hurricane sandy getting pummeled again. the winds have been a big factor. this is the bay bridge in annapolis, maryland. an 18-wheeler was on its side, perched precariously but the driver able to get out. no big problems there. and a school bus from tinndley park, illinois, got pushed over and luckily, no kids were on it and nobody injured. this is the latest of the storm churning off the coast. we have heavier bands of snow on coastal connecticut and long island. they're getting hammered right now and snow making its way into rhode island and coastal parts of massachusetts . here's the system. making its way off the coast. strong winds coming in. that will cause more problems as far as coastal flooding and beach erosion . we will also be looking at snow as well along the new england coast and inland as well. here's what we can expect. we do have coastal flood watches and warnings along the new jersey shoreline to the delmarva pennsylvania to new england 's, high tides 2-4 feet above normal, waves 15-20 feet and snowfall amounts are going to be a big problem as well. you can see winter storm warnings and winter weather advisories. 5-8 inches of snow, up to 10 inches of snow saturday night in boston and new york, a slushy accumulation. as you get north into morn new england , portland, maine, 3 inches of snow. the big deal to this system will be in interior sections, eastern parts of massachusetts , on to new hampshire, anywhere from 6-10 inches of noas we continue to track it. it is going to be windy and it is going to be wet and it is going to be snowy. we'll continue to track it for you right through the morning.

>> another busy morning with you. we'll check with you.