TODAY   |  March 05, 2013

Ricky Schroeder makes new movie a family affair

Ricky Schroeder of “Silver Spoons” fame discusses his new cowboy film for the Hallmark Movie Channel, “Our Wild Hearts,” which he wrote, produced, directed and starred in alongside his wife and four children.

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>> got used to rick after ricky, but tv audiences first fell in love with ricky schroeder when he was just a cute little guy starring in "silver spoons" and can you believe that that was more than, oh, gosh, 30 years ago? since then he has played so many memorable characters.

>> now he is in this new movie on the hallmark channel called "our wild hearts " whiches hay written, produced, and directed as well. this time around he plays a cowboy who breaks wild horses . take a look.

>> oh.

>> watch him.

>> oh, got to look. no fear. got to teach him a little respect.

>> and we are so happy that you are here with us today.

>> good morning.

>> we should point out right away that this is available on the hallmark movie channel . that's where you can see --

>> it's different than the hallmark channel .

>> that's right.

>> don't get confused over here.

>> what are your packages?

>> i brought you some gifts from my wife.

>> who is in this movie and helped write this movie.

>> she helped write it.

>> actually gave birth to a lot of the people that are in the movie. sxwoo including me. she gave birth in a weird way. snoo in a weird way.

>> in a weird way.

>> thank you for this.

>> thank you. i had no idea your children were that old. your two boys are in their 20s, right?

>> darn cute.

>> adorable. sfwroo yes.

>> that's luke on the right in the dark blue shirt, and holden on the left in the light blue shirt, and cambry and faith and andrea and myself.

>> wow. you think nepotism has disappeared in this world. all you got to do -- the credits are all schroeder , schroeder , schroeder . way to go.

>> it's a family film maid by a family. it was such a cool experience. i got to know my family in a way which i hadn't known them, and they got to know their dad in a way that they hadn't known me.

>> in what way?

>> in working together. you know how you know people differently and you know them socially or you know them by family.

>> you know all their bad habits. they live under your roof.

>> we worked together. i got to see their work ethic.

>> did they pass the test?

>> they are all amazingly hard, kind, and talented, young people and workers.

>> so you would hire them again?

>> i would for sure hire them again.

>> cambry, we didn't get to see her in that clip. she's a beautiful girl .

>> the role she plays is she's the daughter you never knew, and you guys get reacquainted, but there's another love affair that happens with this horse that she meets.

>> it's a story of a rugged cowboy and a girl with a wild spirit and a wild mustang that threatens to tear their relationship apart, and so i -- it's going to be on our -- it's called "our wild heart." we're very proud of it. we all worked on it as a family.

>> it takes place in malibu and where are you in the wild west ?

>> sierra nevada mountain by reno.

>> by reno.

>> the horseback riding looks very authentic. you are riding a horse and your daughter. is that something you do as a family?

>> my daughter -- my daughter has been on horseback more in the last ten years than i have been. you know, she's really passionate about the wild mustangs and the wild mustangs in the west, like, are part of our culture and our history. i mean, you can celebrate. they pulled the pioneer wagons across the west ask farmed our fields and fought or wars, and so there is a bit of an issue going on.

>> we're not grateful. we're not grateful to them.

>> we got to honor them and respect them and give them a place in our west.

>> and quickly, do all of your kids want to go into acting?

>> no. my two sons are interested in bess.

>> they're in this. they're adorable in this.

>> one wants to go in a military career, and the other son wants to go into business, and my two daughters are interested in pursuing acting.

>> they're all adorable.

>> that's fine with you, right?

>> it's sort of fine with me.

>> i feel the same way. we're so happy to see you. we really are. congrats. you can catch ricky in "our wild heart" saturday night, as we said, on the hallmark movie channel .