TODAY   |  March 03, 2013

Outrage across the country over budget cuts

With the real impact of drastic budget cuts still waiting to be felt, there’s already a chorus of frustration nationwide, from national parks to the US-Mexico border. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>> americans are vetting frustration with the $85 billion in across-the-board spending cuts. white house correspondent peter alexander reports.

>> reporter: with the real impact of drastic budget cuts waiting to be felt, a chorus of frustration across the country. from national parks --

>> we're cutting travel, we're cutting training, we're reducing overtime --

>> reporter: to the u.s. mexico border.

>> cutting down the security of our nation. i don't believe is the way to go at it. the agents that are truly put thirg lives on the line, those are the people that are going to take the hit.

>> which one is the longest?

>> reporter: 70,000 children could be kicked out of child care .

>> it's excellent program. i would hate to see anything happen to it.

>> reporter: military community may be among those hit the hardest, like the red stone arsenal in huntsville, alabama. where employees face a 20% pay cut.

>> the sequestration will definitely affect my family.

>> reporter: the sting of sequester under way. the navy's " uss truman " is no longer going to the persian gulf . the aerial accident on ba acrobats, the thunderbirds are grounded, and hundreds of illegal immigrations have been released. we heard your outrage. the executive and congress are failures and should be replaced. all of them. i'm angry. annier still that our so-called representatives aren't representing us at all. and another tweeted, seriously, these guys need to get it together. why should americans suffer for their stubbornness. even "saturday night live" had a field day .

>> we are asking everybody to take a photo down the front of their pants and text that to us since