TODAY   |  February 28, 2013

Ambush makeover! 21-year-old stuns friends

Stylist to the stars Louis Licari and TODAY contributor Jill Martin transform two lucky ladies with fresh clothes and hairstyles, including 21-year-old Kate Hardy, who stuns her friends with her amazing transformation

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>> oh, we are back with more on "today" with this thirsty thursday. plaza ambush makeovers with lovely ladies.

>> they will give us complete head to toe makeovers and working their magic "today" contributor and stylist to the stars luis bacari.

>> and bobbie thomas is filling in nor jill martin.

>> how were the pickin's today?

>> weather was rainy, but the crowd was still there, and we found two great ladies.

>> one of them was named michelle takuta. she's 42 years old.

>> adorable.

>> from hawaii. her daily beauty routine consists of wearing no makeup, throwing her hair in a ponytail. she jumped at the chance to get a makeover. let's take a listen.

>> okay, ron , tell me why you think michelle deserves a makeover.

>> really she doesn't, but look at her, but we're from hawaii.

>> she doesn't deserve a makeover?

>> definitely, she is a single mom , and look how gorgeous she looks.

>> it's your birthday trip, right?

>> yes, it is.

>> and you have a little gafr with your sister before you came?

>> she didn't really color my hair too good. my gray spots.

>> well, louis is going to take care of that, and i am going to find you a pair of heels. is that okay?

>> yeah.

>> okay, great.

>> thank you. thank you.

>> yes, indeed. it is show time . michelle is here with her uncle ron , who has the blindfold on. we met ron a second ago. please keep your blind fold on until i ask you to take it off. here is michelle .

>> whatever you want to do.

>> michelle 's before. let's see the new you.

>> great.

>> birthday girl .

>> all right, ron . are you ready? take a look at your birthday girl .

>> oh, my god. how beautiful is that? oh, my god.

>> are you ready, michelle ? spin right around here, sweetie, and take a look at yourself .

>> oh, my god.

>> you look awesome.

>> be everybody plays with their hair and covers their face.

>> you look beautiful.

>> look right here at this camera.

>> tell us about the hair.

>> the hair is very exciting. she wanted to keep it long, but we had to do some adjustments. we did some shaping around the face. this is a side swept bang, and that accents your facial features. her hair was naturally black, and she had to color the gray. is it dark? yes, but it's a softer brown. it just lifts up her whole look. of course, inid mrai played with the eye eye makeup.

>> ron , what do you think?

>> great. perfect. we'll enjoy the rest of our new york trip now.

>> and, bobbie, a little black dress . love it.

>> this is her birthday trip, and she's going to see "wicked" tonight, and she just needed step out.

>> yes, you are.

>> that's awesome. you look great.

>> you look fantastic.

>> tell bus the dress. who makes this dress?

>> mthis is a maggie london dress. you have such a great spirit, and this says you're ready to have some fun.

>> the aloha spirit.

>> yes, you do. big round of applause for michelle . you can join your uncle.

>> second lucky lady is kate hardy, 21 from stonybrook, new york . hasn't cut her hair in over two years, and last time it was only to donate it for charity.

>> wow.

>> we decided it was final time for her to get a brand new'do. let's listen to kate .

>> we're here with kate , kelsey, david, and amy. she's petrified.

>> she is. she never gets dressed up.

>> are you afraid of heights?

>> no. good because i have some really great heels for you.

>> oh, god.

>> honestly, you deserve a makeover, and we're going to get you in something hot so you can go for drinks with your girls, okay?

>> ready?

>> yes.

>> you're not convincing anyone.

>> okay. i'm ready.

>> okay, good.

>> we're ready.

>> all righty. kate is ready, but there's a gentleman there as well, i think. it would be awkward if he is not. for kate , kelsey, adam, and david. you know what, it's a long story. apparently an awkward one. we're just going to take one last look at kate before and bring out the new kate .

>> wow!

>> wow!

>> all right, you guys, take off your blind folds.

>> get ready.

>> oh, my god.

>> i love it. you look awesome.

>> kate , turn around and see what they're talking about.

>> hopefully kate is pleased. hard to tell sometimes. you look awesome.

>> you look cool. look right here at that camera, sweetie.

>> what a difference.

>> wow. all right.

>> louis, what did you do?

>> working on physical training , right, kate ? athletic training . excuse me. what we wanted to do is take away that job and give her a sexy, sporty new york look. now the hairline. this is the new long hair. only to the shoulder, and this is what long hair looks like today. the side part. all of this we saw at the academy awards , and then, of course, i lightened her hair to give her that that pop, and you look so beautiful.

>> what is wrong?

>> what are you thinking?

>> she never dresses, never -- no makeup, no hair done, literally nothing.

>> you have never seen this before.

>> no.

>> she's bawling. she's bawling.

>> we're really good friends, and i just -- i'm speechless.

>> oh, bobbie, this dress is beautiful.

>> the only athletic training you need to do is learn how to walk in those heels. i asked if she was afraid of heights, and she said no, and you are going to the athletic from here to the athletic training seminar you're here for. you're going to go in that dress.

>> i love it. everybody is crying, including bobbie. all right. let's bring michelle back out. a big round of applause