TODAY   |  February 21, 2013

The tweet life: 3 happiest Twitter cities

The TODAY anchors, along with model and TV host Chrissy Teigen, chat about the hot topics of the day, including a new list of the happiest and saddest cities in the US as ranked using Twitter.

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>>> thursday morning, february the 21st, 2013 . inside studio 1a , i'm willie geist with al roker and natalie morales and tv host , a model, christie.

>> thank you for having me.

>> can i apologize for shattering your dream and what we're staring at here. we will get to that in a second. men's man cans with things on there i'm not --

>> mantihose.

>> al wanted me to ask you, apparently you were in some magazine last week. we have a photograph, " sports illustrated ," is that what you were telling me?

>> i had been thinking "field and stream." this one was good, too.

>> in the waders.

>> don't act like this is your first time seeing it, al.

>> that was easter island ?

>> easter island , yes. i never dreamed of going there. you have footage, too.

>> we have it all.

>> oh, my. it's crazy. i shot with david burton , amazing and so crazy and comfortable.

>> how uncomfortable?

>> razor blades on your bum bum. it was very painful.

>> that's a rap song.

>> it was a great wrap name.

>> it's your fourth " sports illustrated " swimsuit issue. do you ever feel more comfortable in your own skin?

>> every single year it gets easier. every single year it gets easier to sit here. i came last year for the issue as well. it gets better every year, you're just more comfortable. i'm 27 now. a lot of girls start when they're 18. i can't imagine how nervous i would have been when i was 18.

>> congratulations. you're engaged to be married.

>> i am.

>> your fiance is over there.

>> a legend over there. funny, looks like he's getting ready for a wedding standing over there at that long wedding table.

>> you might talk to colin.

>> this is a question you hate being asked. i will ask you any way. do we have any idea when this alleged wedding will take place?

>> alleged wedding?

>> they have been engaged for decades.

>> he has an album coming out and we will do that and work on it. we're not the easiest people to work with as a planner, having a great time with this.

>> you should hire colin cowen. he will be here.

>> i didn't realize, you're like a big cook, a foody and you have a show on the cooking dhanl, right? how did you get into that?

>> on thursday night. i started a food blog, had so much fun with it, a hobby. god, that's it, too.

>> what's the idea of the show.

>> you seem very surprised we actually have video. there were people filming you.

>> almost like a tv show . this is a radio person. come on, we have pictures, we have video.

>> you guys are pros.

>> what's the idea on the cooking show ?

>> basically following along what i normally do on the blog. we travel so much and i'm trying to find anywhere i can to come. this follows one of our wedding tastings at a place called blackberry farms.

>> you're having wedding tastings.

>> it's going to happen. give it time.

>> and take one this morning is why women talk more than men. apparently there's proof.

>> really?

>> i actually reject the premise. i know a lot of guys who are motor mouths.

>> david gregory .

>> i didn't want to use name but since you bring it up. there is proof women talk three times more than men, biological research from maryland published.

>> as i keep talking over david --

>> no --

>> there it is. foxp2, a protein in the female brain.

>> isn't that a cable channel ?

>> yes. do you guys agree with this, natalie, cissy? do women talk more than men?

>> thmen talk 7 thousand they talk 10,000 words a day.

>> he buys it. that's not fair because john talks way less than any normal man as well.

>> i don't know that's true. i'm constantly hearing, why don't you talk more? why don't you say more.

>> the story of my life , al.

>> when we get home, we don't talk.

>> your wife says that to you, why don't you talk more.

>> you talk all day but when you come home do you not want to veg out, your excuse?

>> i have my days. there are days you feel like you really need to vent and you come home and you want to vent with any and everyone who will listen to you and other days, kind of like, ah.

>> we have more to talk about, more exciting news. there's more gossip.

>> guys don't do that. you talk about football when you talk, right?

>> that's an ugly stereotype. how dare you objectify or whatever it is.

>> when you're hanging out with the guys, are you talking about i had a very frustrating day.

>> the guys i hang out with we talk about cooking and restaurants.

>> the guys i hang out with talk about mantihose. a strange group.

>>> and talking about twitter. you are a terrific twitter. we have one today. oh, shut-up about your deviated septum. you got a nose job. who cares? are we talking about anybody in particular there or general statement.

>> when i tweet i don't imagine these will ends up on the "today" show. i think of these as more private for any reason.

>> nobody's reading your tweets.

>> it's a fun outlet. i think i talk more there speaking of the talking thing than i dine real life .

>> you're a very funny tweeter.

>> thank you.

>> the university of vermont has this study. they looked at 10 million tweets to look at where the country's happiest and saddest twitter users live. they looked for words like happy, local, and hate and others. any idea where this is the happiest?

>> you don't have to guess.

>> napa, california. san clemente . interesting.

>> i had an ex-boyfriend in san clemente . i wasn't happy there.

>> did you know this, john? had you heard this before? no about this?

>> i will make her happy.

>> there you go.

>> #happy. happiest states are hawaii, main and nevada .

>> nevada is surprising.

>> a lot of marriages there.

>> that's true.

>> when they're in nevada and then it's not so happy.

>> and then go back to the saddest states and saddest cities? . a couple in texas , beaumont, texas and albany, georgia, southwest.

>> surprised. these people from nevada are returning to texas .

>> broken divorce.

>> the saddest states, louisiana, mississippi and maryland . maybe they're sad in maryland because everybody pays attention to washington and not maryland .

>> okay. inferiority complex.

>>> our take three now is the aforementioned mantihose. i apologize for this, don't understand this. we had the man purse by david gregory .

>> what would it take to get you in a pair of these?

>> what is the point?

>> it's not like a spanx , a fashion item you put on under your pants. i guess you can cuff your jeans and show skull and bones .

>> did we run out of socks?

>> look at em melio.

>> he's a model for gosh sakes.

>> he has them rolled way up.

>> i guess the only way men can do it with pants.

>> john, would you wear this?

>> no.

>> not for a minute.

>> and harry dreadlocks hair underneath that mantihose.

>> you can get them in crosswords and checkerboard.

>> they sell for $40.

>> that's even more ridiculous.

>> would you buy them for any?

>> i don't see the occasion when you wear it.

>> there are people that would wear these, rockers.

>> they're sort of heavy duty , you know what i mean . not like a pantyhose. it won't run on you.

>> they are heavy duty . for the man on the go.

>> give these to mr. legend.

>> then you have to shave your legs to get them on. come on.

>> a big seller was the spanx for men. they did very well.

>> man spanx .

>> i can see that.

>> some people --

>> underneath a t-shirt, what do you need spanx for.

>> you know, when you have little love handles .

>> but for men?

>> yes. keep things in place.

>> are you wearing some?

>> let's get the mantihose on.

>> i'm wearing a bro right