TODAY   |  February 19, 2013

Lip balm as mascara and more double duty products

Beauty and style expert Jene Luciani shares what common products in your bathroom cabinet can do more than you’d think, including using baby shampoo to wash your delicates and makeup brushes, and how to use lip balm as a mascara substitute.

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>>> this morning on "today's" beauty, everyday products that pull double duty.

>> style and beauty expert. good morning.

>> good morning, ladies.

>> you're going to show us these things that give us actually many other purposes in life.

>> yeah.

>> right?

>> most of it is stuff that you actually have around your home or likely have in your beauty closet that you didn't know could do all these other thing.

>> people may get razor bumps in certain areas and you found a deodorant that can help minimize those?

>> pretty much any deodorant, after you shave or wax, rub it on the bikini area that helps with that irritation and bumps you get.

>> really?

>> what i liked about this deodorant, anti-percespirant has a hair minimizer in it, preventing that hair from growing back. who knew.

>> baby shampoo , lots of uses, not just for baby hair.

>> i have a 3-year-old daughter. i always have this in my house. i found all these really cool uses for baby shampoo . it's super gentle. you can actually wash your face with it. you can use it to wash your makeup brushes to keep them lasting longer and you can use it to wash your delicates. and i talk about this in the bra book as well but you can wash your bras. we have pantyhose here.

>> is it more gentle a formula than regular detergent?

>> correct. it's very gentle. it will still get it nice and clean.

>> very good.

>> for baby shampoo to baby oil .

>> my mom used this for slopgsas long as i can remember to take her eye makeup off, even as a moisturizer after the shower. hi, mom. she'll be so excited for the shout out. you can use baby oil as a shaving lotion.

>> nice.

>> less expensive than shaving cream . when you're showering, yes. the razor glides nicely right over it.

>> still in the direction of the hair? back over there with the deed deodorant.

>> you can't avoid those bumps no matter what you do, right?

>> lip balm, rosebud. rub it into your cuticle. petroleum jelly that helps heal and does all these things. you can use it as an alternative to mascara when you're on the go.

>> sometimes i do that with vaseline, take it and put it on the ends of the lashes.

>> you're just the gal in the know.

>> it kind of just sort of cleans them out.

>> it does. it's like a little bit of a shine to it. roll like a clean mascara brush in there and paint your eyebrows with t you can use clear mascara for that but you need one product, which is so much easier.

>> like an eyebrow gel or whatever.

>> to tame those eyebrow hairs, exactly.

>> i end up taking these from the beauty supply store.

>> go ahead and take them, sonny.

>> next time you walk in that bout supply, they're going to be like --

>> you swear by this lotion, what does this do?

>> this is like a really thick moisturizing lotion. and a makeup artist friend of mine that works on a lot of celebrities told me and taught me that you can use it as a makeup primer. take your foundation brush, put a little on your hand and go like that. then you kind of paint it on all over your face, then put your foundation on. you know how you get cracks in your foundation sometimes because if your skin is a little dry? you don't.

>> this is nice for somebody with dry skin . this is very emollient, very moist lotion.

>> it smells like grass.

>> yummy smell.

>> lighter lotions you have other ways to use it as well. in your hair, is that right?

>> yes. believe it or not, i heard -- a celebrity told me this years ago. and you just kind of pump out -- it has to be lightweight, like water based. you don't want anything oily. rub it between your palms and flyaways that you get. just dab it. here we go. here we go. did such a good job on my hair, there are none today. instead of having that heavy look like gel. women don't want to use hair gel .

>> every once in a while i'll buy a lotion and i don't realize it's one of those thin, watery types till you get home. that's a good use for that.

>>> witch hazel , which also a lot of great uses besides an antiseptic.

>> dickinson's has been around for hundreds of years.

>> what's that?

>> witch hazel flower extract. it has -- obviously we know tas a great astringent, fights oil and acne. it has these sort of constricting depuffing quality to it. as we soak the two makeup pad.

>> put them on your eyes?

>> it actually depuffs your under eye bags.

>> is it true about preparation h under the eyes?

>> i'm glad you asked. believe it or not, witch hazel is the main ingredient in preparation h . reduce swelling property. we would rather use the witch hazel , i think. it's great for really depuffing.

>> great. jene lucchiani, wealth of information.