TODAY   |  February 16, 2013

Get cozy with Erica Hill’s chicken in a clay pot

“The whole meal is in there,” Erica Hill said of her Romertopf roaster recipes. The recipes have a special place in her heart, as they were given to her by one of her oldest friends.

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>>> make some of her favorite comfort foods . we've enjoyed her mac and cheese, beef burgundy , mm, and the --

>> thanks.

>> today it's baked chicken . first things first. you've got clay pots here y. are these -- what's the deal with these?

>> yes. my very good friend randi , love you, introduced me to this when i was registering for my wedding wedding. she said you have to get a clay pot. they're fairly inexpensive, they're about $40. you soak it in water for 20 minutes and put it in a cold oven. turns out the most moist, delicious food ever, from chick tonight beef to fish, it taps low fat . it cooks -- it's low fat . it cooks in its own jewss. they go into a -- juices. they go into a cold oven. you crank it up high. these are quick, great things to do a weeknight. are you making randi 's chicken with leeks and apples. she uses a chicken . you stuff onions, garlic, a lemon in the cavity there. and when randi and i notice when we cook with roasters, you end up oozing a lot more salt than you think you need, but it gives it great, great flavor. after you stuff that in --

>> the whole one?

>> however you want to do. it you want to liberally then salt and pepper the chicken .

>> okay.

>> so one of the best ways to do that, you take, you know, like a handful like this, salt it, randi says put it in under the skin. once you get that set, put it in the roaster. she takes a couple of leeks, puts in the leeks and two apples. she prefers braeburn apples and herbs. we'll throw in a little rows marie. put the chicken -- rosemary. put the chicken on top. put a little olive oil all over it. then you put the top on, put it in oven, 500 degrees, cold oven, for an hour, and you're done.

>> it will be tendy.

>> it's tender and moist. dish number two -- i tend to make this at home. leeks, onions, carrots, potatoes. put them in the pot. take the olive oil , drizzle it on there. you can be liberal. probably a tablespoon, maybe a little more. then we would kind of jooj them.

>> joojing.

>> i think that's technically a hair term. then you salt and pepper a little here. and then throw in fresh sprigs. while we're salting and doing the vegetables, tom, you start salting and peppering again liberally here the chicken . i started making some of mine with boneless, skinless size and breasts.

>> that adds flavor.

>> well, actually the bone and the skin give you more flavor. this is just kind of what i had in the fridge and started doing that way. throw in rosemary, i love fresh thyme. be liberal with the herbs. i feel like you can't have enough. the chicken , you can slide it on from the plate if you want. you don't have to touch it.

>> this as easy as a crock pot ?

>> i'm sorry -- i'm --

>> this is easy like a crock pot .

>> it is easy like a crock pot , yeah. it doesn't want to slide. if it did slide --

>> mine's covered --

>> dylan has chicken hands. after that, we throw a few more herbs on top of this one. be liberal. a little olive oil . you could throw in a little salt and pepper . cover on, in the oven, 500 degrees. this cooks for 40 minutes. if you want, you could add -- i would say not more than a half a cup of liquid, but white wine , red wine , chicken stock . this is what comes out of the oven. you want to let the pot sit a little bit so it finishes doing its thing inside. and we have chicken with roasted vegetables.

>> wow.

>> and chicken with leeks and apples. you need to try them -- the whole meal is in there.

>> is it hard to wash?

>> no. you're not supposed to use soap. warm water and a brush.

>> nice.

>> and it's great. you have to be careful ton break it when you're not using it.

>> this is fun. this is