TODAY   |  February 11, 2013

Naomi Campbell: ‘I’m competitive’ on reality show

Discovered at age 15, supermodel Naomi Campbell has appeared on more than 500 magazine covers and hundreds of runways. She talks about her newest project, reality show “The Face,” in which she coaches a hopeful model.

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>>> we're back now, 8:45, with supermodel naomi campbell , discovered at just 15 years of age, graced more than 700 magazine covers and runways.

>> i'm very disappointed in you. i'm going to tell you it's game on from now on.

>> naomi campbell , good morning. welcome back. what was going on there? that's carolina .

>> carolina .

>> the other two coaches.

>> yeah. basically i was very upset. i'm very protective of my girls. we have four on each team and carolina eliminated my girl and i was just not ready for it.

>> and you let her know it in no uncertain terms.

>> i let her know it, yeah.

>> i was reading something. youf done some press for the show. at the beginning of the show, you say people don't know the real you.

>> that's right.

>> we've heard a lot of stories about you over the years. what's not true?

>> i can't say what's not true and what's true. on this show, you'll get to see me and i speak about things that i've never -- i've never been one to justify anything. i speak pretty much in depth about things i've never spoken about before.

>> are you that intense? are you that competitive?

>> i'm competitive.

>> are you tough on the contestants?

>> i'm competitive, absolutely. first and foremost, it's not about us, the mentors. it's about my girls. and we do have a life of someone in our hands that's going to win a big contract. and it's important that this is done properly. and that they really do get the auth au authenticity.

>> i was surprised you would do reality television only because for the last ten years a lot of your life has resembled reality television .

>> i know.

>> why do you want to be out there like this?

>> because it's not a camera following me and my life. i would never display my life and what i do and where i travel and where i live. i need to keep that anonymity for me. when i was called and asked about this show, to share what i've been doing for 28 years, which will be in april. i thought this is something different other than just following me around for no reason. so i'm happy to share what i've learned in this business. there isn't a model handbook to guide. so, this has somewhat taken that form.

>> discovered at the age of 15rks still in demand in the business. how has that happened? is it as much about beauty as it is about attitude these days?

>> i think you have to have both. now you have to go and do in-store signings, meet with the consumers. you have to be much more personable than before when i started. you could just be the face.

>> was that hard for you in the beginning, when they asked you to start doing those things?

>> yeah. i got to start that kind of thing slowly, slowly in europe and then, you know, building up around the world. and it's like, making personal appearances. yes, it was. you have to pick it up very quickly. just like i had to pick doing this show up very quickly. legendary at television and reality and do iing other shows, he has been graciously helping me from the first day off. i was like, what do i do? what do i say? then i just forgot the cameras are not there for me. it's really about my girls and giving them as much time as i can for myself and mentoring them.

>> will you offer advice with these ladies?

>> i'm in touch with my girls. some of them flew in today.

>> thick skin part of the advice?

>> you have to teach them about rejection because it's out there and that's real. you have to teach them it's not about you if they don't accept you for a job. you can't take it personally inside and say something is wrong with me. you're just not right for that job and you have to go on for the next.

>> naomi campbell and "the face" appears tomorrow night on our sister station oxygen. thanks for