TODAY   |  January 25, 2013

7 beauty tips for fast hair and makeup changes

Amy Synnott-D’Annibale of InStyle magazine shows TODAY’s Hoda Kotb and Meredith Vieira the secrets to a streak-free manicure and smooth hair strands, as well as a few beauty tools that runway models use for quick changes.

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>> of "today." the fast and easy tips.

>> instyle beauty editor went back stage at fashion shows to get some of the behind the scenes secrets from the pros.

>> hey. how are you?

>> hi.

>> so you got to see the inner workings. what kind of things did you learn some.

>> well, i think that the biggest take-away is just how incredibly fast they operate. you know, everything is done in a matter of minutes. they have so many models to get through there, make them look amazing. it's like extreme makeup and hair.

>> sure. lips are one of the first things you mow when you look at someone.

>> full lips.

>> you have a tip for that, huh?

>> one of the common mistakes that women make is use aing dark lipliner to reshape their lips. one of the great tips we saw back stage is they used a white pencil.

>> where?

>> right on the cupid's bow. you highlight the shape of the lip. it makes them subtly look fuller, and it's more natural than using a dark pencil.

>> white?

>> i couldn't use a white.

>> she doesn't have --

>> before and after. look at the difference.

>> oh, my god.

>> it really does look beautiful.

>> very easy to do.

>> very easy, and in real life you can blend it to make it look more natural. on the runway it's more dramatic.

>> pale nails are in right now. they tend to crack and chip.

>> they are sometimes difficult to apply. especially if it's an opaque nude, which is away wha we've been seeing a lot on the runways. we found this great tip at donna karen . the manicurist applied a matte top coat in between the shades of color. you know, usually you just put it on as a base. it's in between. this helps it go on very smooth so you don't get that streakiness.

>> that's clever and smart. what's catherine doing over here? what's happening?

>> well, this was a trick that tom pescoe did at marnie. it's for cheeks. he said he learned this trick from his mom, which is just using a few dabs of lipstick --

>> on your cheeks.

>> what's great about this is it's something any woman can do. you're going out on the town, and if you just want to carry one product, use this on your lips, your cheeks.

>> i'm going to ask this. probably a dumb question. do you use the same color that you use on your lips?

>> yes, yes.

>> you do.

>> sometimes you can use it on your lids too.

>> all over.

>> you would do plum, plum, plum?

>> you could. plum. just obviously light other the eyes.

>> okay.

>> now for fly-away hair you have a cool, interesting trick.

>> they often do the hair first back stage. so what they'll do is keep it off the face while they're doing the makeup by clipping it in. exactly. what this does is it -- my hands are very slippery. it keeps the hair off the face, so you don't get a dent from the metal.

>> oh.

>> normally if you are pulling your hair back or putting it in a ponytail, you would get a dent. this is also a great trick for women to use at home if you are doing your makeup sxushgs don't want to ruin your hair. keep it out of your face.

>> tools of the trade that you found. this i love. we have one of these.

>> this has been a staple back stage for a long time. what's great about it, you can see, it's obviously this egg shape , which is great for getting into all the nooks and crannies in your face.

>> they're fantastic on your face. they're great.

>> we love that it's now black, so it's not quite --

>> the other thing that makeup artists will often do is take dozens of lipsticks and put them in cases and that way they can mix and match different shades and also have all of their lipstick there. another one that's great for women if they're traveling, you don't have to stick with the lipstick. you can put any makeup in there. throw it in your evening bag. it's an easy way .

>> you're sticking your pinkie in and it's much smarter. what do we have here?

>> this, as i said, it's all about speed back stage. one of the things that we found, very funny, but remarkably effective is an old school fan when they're trying to dry the model's hands.

>> that's what they would use?

>> they will sit there with a fan. it's also a great trick if are you doing a cat eye like with a liquid liner. you need a few minutes to dry it, and this is a great thing for women to do at home.

>> is it going to start running?

>> it will dry it. really quickly.

>> same thing.

>> thank you, amy.