TODAY   |  November 24, 2012

Get your tickets: 2012 holiday movie review

There’s a true collection of must-see movies out there for the holiday season. With Broadway smash hit “Les Misérables” hitting the big screen and Middle Earth returning with “The Hobbit,” what to see first? NBC’s Thomas Roberts reports.

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>>> thanksgiving weekend is the traditional kickoff to the year end movie rush with many new films hitting the big screen . thomas roberts is here with a look at some of them.

>> erica, whether it's hobbits or hitchcock, hollywood has something for everybody this holiday season . 'tis the season for hobbits and tigers and scares.

>> i'm just a man hiding in the corner with a camera.

>> for film buffs, a look at the life of the master director of suspense alfred hitchcock . anthony hopkins plays the man behind the camera in "hitchcock."

>> how are you going shoot this shower scene? it's only that from here up, i'm not exactly boyish.

>> it gives us a bird's eye view into the make of an all-time classic "psycho." speaking of classics, in broadway smas -- a broadway smash hits the big screen . actors belt out songs.

>> they're sing live on camera, so you're getting an unfiltered listen to their real voices.

>> for the family, it's what happens when "the avengers" meets the holidays as santa claus , the easter bunny , the tooth fairy and sandman team up to protect the world from an evil spirit in the animated film "rise of the guardians."

>> it is our job to protect the children of the world .

>> like your rom comes a bit dark? bradley cooper plays a former teacher who is released from a psychiatric ward into the care of his family in "silver lining playbook."

>> let me break it down for you. the whole time you're waiting for this hemingway guy to be with the woman he loves.

>> fantasy fans feel good about returning to the shire as "the hobbit" hits theaters.

>> you'll have a tale or two to tell when you get back.

>> " lord of the rings " fans are so excited to see their favorite characters on screen again.

>> a remarkable journey at sea in a life raft connecting with a tiger along the way in " life of pi ."

>> it is such a visually interesting, rich, fresh, beautiful movie.

>> with so much to see, it's understandable how movie goers can't wait one day more.

>> so a true collection of movies out there. which one will you see first? a lot of times they say the movies at the end of the year, they're trying to get everyone's attention for oscar buzz, golden globes . " les mis ," as we heard there, the actors really singing in those live takes so you can hear what their voices sound like, not digitized.

>> i'm really interested to see that.

>> i can't wait for " les mis ."

>> and you've already seen "skyfall", right?

>> i loved it. i understood what was going on, which was the big milestone. [ laughter ]

>> i've got 3-year-old twins, so we may stay home and watch "the lorax" for the thousandanth time.

>> "rio" is pretty good.

>>> just ahead, this year's top toys for the children on your kp christmas list. but first, this is "today" on nbc.

>>> we saw the long lines at toy stores on black friday, but what ie teps