TODAY   |  October 16, 2012

Kid reporters reveal winner of Scholastic News vote

Since 1940, the Scholastic Student Vote has accurately picked the winners of all but two presidential races. This year, a quarter of a million students across the country have cast their ballot. Kid reporters Shelby Fallin and Andrew Liang share who they chose as the next president of the United States.

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>>> spoken. a quarter of a million students all across our country have cast their ballot for the next president of the united states , in a mock election . since this first started in 1940 the scholastic student vote has accurately picked the winner in all but two presidential races. shelby fallon and andrew from the clascholastic news corps. obama/ romney pairing, 19th time kids have voted. this just in.

>> president obama won florida.

>> and governor romney won virginia and president obama won ohio and the entire election.

>> wow.

>> 51% for president obama . mitt romney , governor romney 45%, and other 4%. wow. so, okay, let me start with you, shelby . from your perspective do you think the kids that voted were voting on their own with their own opinions and perceptions, or maybe were influenced by their moms and dads?

>> well now due to some of the polls from scholastic news it has shown that a lot of the kids have actually, they either rarely talk to their parents about the election, they sometimes do it or they never do it, so -- with then talking about making their own decisions i believe that it's from their friends and from their own perspective but now these kids are thinking they are the future of america so they need to make other decisions.

>> is that important that kids get involved, at least get engaged in this from your perspective?

>> i think so, because like shelby said, kids will be the future of america, and many of the people that voted in this election will be able to vote in the real election in 2016 , and kids will be the new adults, and they will be able to choose the next president.

>> shelby , you actually got to meet governor romney back in 2008 . what were your impressions?

>> whenever i first met governor romney , it was just interesting to be able to interview him, get his opinions on several topics that were very popular then, such as the war in afghanistan and iran and health care and the economy. it's just that with -- as i've seen with all the politicians, they are very serious about their job and they believe in everything they say.

>> okay. andrew, okay. to the swing states , ohio and virginia . the results of the poll, 50% for president obama and 43% for governor romney and 7% other and then in virginia it was 47% obama and 50% for romney so a little bit of a different result there. why do you think these two states are so important in your opinion?

>> yeah, i think they are very important as swing states to the presidential election . for example, tonight we have a town hall debate, and i think that's going to be very important in narrowing down the race and especially ohio . many believe that that's the single state that will decide the election as no republican president has ever won the white house without winning ohio and ohio , like scholastic, since 1940 , only gotten it wrong twice so it's extremely accurate.

>> i have to tell you. i'm so thrilled that you guys -- if you are our future, you guys are representative of our future, our young people , we are so in good hands. on the other hand, i feel very old and very stupid. guys, congratulations. thank you so much for sharing the results. shelby