TODAY   |  September 24, 2012

Kerri Walsh Jennings: I was pregnant during Olympics

Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh Jennings tells TODAY’s Matt Lauer she and her husband Casey are expecting their third child, and that she was about five weeks pregnant while competing in beach volleyball for Team USA in the London Olympics.

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>>> we're back now at 8:21 with one of the stars of the london olympics kerri walsh jennings who captured gold again with her partner misty may -treanor. she's here this morning to make an announcement but first a look back at her amazing career.

>> misty and kerri , threepeat, olympic gold .

>> the volleyball team won gold at the last three summer olympics , the first duo in sports to accomplish that feat.

>> you thought london would be the best yet. does it figure out that way?

>> played the toughest competition in the world, and we've withstood every single challenge, and to come out on top.

>> between victories at the beijing and london games kerri and her husband casey jennings , also a beach volleyball pro became parents, first nine months after the beijing games, son joey arrived.

>> i don't want to get too much into this business but this first business is a little bit of a gold medal baby.

>> he is, not literally because he came right after. made in china.

>> made in china.

>> that's what i was getting at.

>> and one year later kerri had another son who the couple named sundance. her whole family was there to celebrate with her in london . kerri walsh jennings and casey jennings are here with us this morning. good morning to both of you.

>> good morning.

>> so i was lucky enough to go see a couple of your matches. saw you against the chinese women and then i saw you win gold against the american team, and so what i'm realizing now is as i was watching you diving around in the sand in your bikini, kerri , there was something we didn't know. what was it?

>> well, matt, yeah, you know, about a month and a half ago we -- we did something great in london , you were able to share it with us. felt so much love from our nbc family and everyone at home so casey and i wanted to come on here with you guys today and share some other news that when i was throwing my body around fearlessly and going for gold for our country is was pregnant and today i'm 11 -- 11 weeks pregnant and feeling pregnant.

>> i knew it. it wasn't something you found out afterwards you? knew you were pregnant while were you competing?

>> you know, not to get too detailed, but i'm like clockwork, and -- and i'm a pretty happy girl and i was unreasonably moody.

>> not unreasonably.

>> smart answer.

>> she was cranky but she was okay. she needed to be.

>> yeah. i thought i was -- i thought it could have been like the stress of the games and travel kind of throws your schedule off a little bit, but, you know. i knew, and at some point, you know, you relate and then you start feeling something, and i definitely started feeling something in london

>> i mean, the physical part of it, by the way, were you having any morning sickness there?

>> not yet.

>> that came later.

>> for the first time, my third pregnancy, is the first time i'm experiencing morning sickness , and it's driving me crazy. it stinks.

>> well, you know, i guess to go to the personal side again, you know the olympics are coming up. did you not have a discussion like, hey, casey , i have a headache, keep your hands off me. we've got kind of an important moment coming up.

>> that only lasts so long. you know, i was under the impression that it was going -- i just felt like it would take me a while this time, take me a while to get pregnant for some reason so a month before we were like should we start trying and i had never experienced morning sickness so we were in switzerland, one of our favorite places of the world, and we decided to get going on the process.

>> and now i'm blushing.

>> apparently i'm very fertile.

>> casey and kerri , let me end with you.

>> sorry.

>> you already have two sons. have you heard of the television show "my three sons?"

>> no.

>> you looking for a boy or a girl?

>> you know, i'll take either, but we have -- we have a strong feeling that it's a little girl , but who knows. i don't mind either way . i'm happy with a healthy baby, like they say, but truly the two boys have been such a blessing. to have either one would be okay.

>> he's one of five boys.

>> congratulations to both of you. come see us soon.

>> thank you, guys.

>> take care.

>> congratulations.