TODAY   |  June 15, 2012

Justin and ‘Mrs. Bieber’ chat with Matt Lauer

Justin Bieber sits down to chat with TODAY’s Matt Lauer and Avalanna Routh, the little girl known as “Mrs. Bieber.” Routh, who is battling brain cancer, caught Bieber’s attention when she performed a wedding ceremony using a paper cutout of the pop star.

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>> floor. i'm here with justin bieber . justin is here with a young lady we learned a little about in the past. tell us a little about her.

>> say hi.

>> how are you?

>> hi.

>> avalona has a nickname.

>> mrs. bieber . she had her own little wedding at the hospital.

>> and we -- but it raunt really the red sauce . do you want --

>> what she's trying to say, there was a paper cut -out of me and she did the whole wedding with the paper cut out.

>> there was a paper.

>> paper bieber . and you guys have stayed in touch.

>> yes. basically we talk on ichat all the time. right? didn't we?

>> didn't had it.

>> i didn't think i had it, then i found it and we figured it out and faced time. what did you say about your mom.

>> mother-in-law.

>> mother-in-law.

>> it's nice to have you in new york for this concert, because i know you're a huge fan. he's going to go outside in a couple of minutes with all the other fans. are you ready for that?

>> i'm excited. i'm excited to see the other fans and be back in new york.

>> we should just mention and we'll talk more about this, you're in the midst of an international tour. you're a busy young man these days. do you even know where you are.

>> sometimes i don't. sometimes i wake up and feel like i'm in my bed and freak out and say oh, yeah, i'm in germany.

>> new york city , on the "today" show. avalona we're glad to have you back again.