TODAY   |  February 23, 2012

Beauty secrets from around the world

Celebrity nutritionist Cynthia Pasquella talks about global secrets to looking younger and reveals that the key is often found in the kitchen with smart food choices.

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>>> morning on today's beauty, secrets to looking younger from all around the world, from brazil to india. it turns out the fountain of youth is often found in the kitchen. here to explain is celebrity nutritionist cynthia pasquela. good morning. nice to have you here. this is an interesting list. and all of these things, are supposed to help us at least according to old wives' tales, defy age.

>> exactly and who doesn't want to do that, ann, right?

>> we all want some of that. and we can start with something as simple as coconut oil . it helps improve elasticity in the skin and get rid of the dark, undereye circles that we sometimes have.

>> boys have them, too. you can buy it in jars now. and it does moisturize, especially in the winter.

>> it's great for moisturizing, you can eat this, you can have three to four teaspoons a day and it has an anti-bacterial agent in it to help with acne.

>> and you can cook with it, that's great. now something called noni juice , where does it come from?

>> noni juice , this is a favorite of brazil. this is polynesian women, they love their noni juice . an amazing anti-aging element to help turn back the hands of time.

>> i don't know what a noni is. but there you have a picture of it.

>> let's try some, shall we? hmm.

>> not bad, right? this is great for --

>> it's like a prune juice with a little less sweetness. it doesn't taste great, it doesn't taste terrible. haas it supposed to do?

>> it's great because it's packed with essential fatty acids. i think that's really amazing. just to help plump up the skin and newurture from the inside.

>> ginger is embraced by a lot of asian countries .

>> and also in india. women there wake up, shred a little ginger and heat up water and drink this amazing tea. ginger helps to bring the blood flow to the skin to even out your skin tone . isn't that amazing?

>> have there been studies to prove that? i know people say this, but do we know this for a fact?

>> we know this for a fact.

>> what about this?

>> there is a fruit called guananaba, a delicious little fruit, amazing for anti-aging. it's difficult to find, so we can pick up some of these beauty supplements, these are from borba, they have the slimming chocolate cubes and amazing product called smart and sexy omega 3. it tastes like a tootsie roll and it has fiber in it to curb your cravings.

>> it's called guanabana?

>> yes. from the caribbean.

>> now black cumin seeds, for your hair?

>> the thing about hair, lot of great anti-oxidants, you can cook with them. you can buy the oil, and you can find them in tablets. this is made by intelligent nutrients, a product called intellimune. eating four of these little tablets is equal to eating ten pounds of berries for anti-oxida anti-oxidants?

>> yes. your hair is beautiful.

>> i munch on these all the time.

>> a great advertisement for that.

>> now grape seed extract that women in france use?

>> the french women love this really powerful anti-oxidants to help turn back the hands of time. interesting fact, some people say can't i just eat some grapes?

>> you can. but you know you would have to eat a pound to a pound and a half of these grapes to get just 50 milligrams or to get the same amount of grape seed extract . that's like this tiny tiny little bit.

>> so bottom line , you're saying if we sort of take care of ourselves and think about maybe different options we can stay young without going the other route that so many other women sort of feel pressured to go in terms of surgery and everything, we can stay young, defy age by being healthy.

>> exactly. i mean the outside is always just a direct reflection of what's going on inside. so if wur nourishing our body on the inside, it's going to show.

>> do you think drinking a lot of water helps as well?

>> absolutely. flushing out the toxins, flushing the skin, pumping it up. there's nothing for our skin to show fine lines and wrinkles, we don't want that.

>> no, we don't want that. cynthia, great advice from you.

>>> coming up, we'll meet the oscar nominee with an entire country rooting for her. but first, this is "today" on