TODAY   |  May 24, 2011

Obamas receive royal welcome in London

President Obama and the first lady travel to London’s Buckingham Palace, where they meet with Queen Elizabeth II and her family, including Prince William and his new bride. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>> the president and first lady made it to london on day two of the european visit. they are receiving a royal welcome from the royal family including prince william and princess catherine. nbc's stephanie gosk is at buckingham palace . good morning to you.

>> reporter: good morning matt. this is only the third state visit from a president in a century. we are about to wait it shall moments from now the president will come out. this is the official welcome. the scottish guard is here. there will be the u.s. national anthem played. the president will have the opportunity to inspect the guard and then later on tonight the president and first lady will be here for more pomp and circumstance in a banquet dinner. they are inside the pas has where they are -- palace now where they are meeting william and kate who will not be outside for the official welcome. tonight they will stay in the same suites william and kate stayed in the night after the wedding.

>> i understand you are in a portion of the palace that probablile viy viewers aren'ts useed to seeing. describe your location.

>> reporter: we are in the back of the palace and this is a rare opportunity to see this portion of the pas has. the ceremony being conducted here, as wells as quite rare. this is really the pomp and circumstance , the warmest welcome this country can show a visiting head of state. the last state visit was in 2003 . george w. bush . it's a state visit before that was 1918 with woodrow wilson . matt?

>> after a lunch with the queen, a private lunch, you mentioned the state dinner tonight. there is business to attend to during the visit. i understand president obama will meet with the prime minister of the uk david cameron . what's on their agenda, do you know?

>> reporter: later this afternoon there will be work being done. they will be talking about libya. there's been criticism of the united states by the european leaders that they have not been more involved to unseat gadhafi. they will be talking about afghanistan and pakistan. the united states is hoping the british government will keep troops on the ground in afghanistan. they will be negotiating all ofs those things. some of them tense issues between the prime minister and the president.

>> you get a schedule from buckingham palace on events like this. the queen is running a minute or two late in this visit. you mentioned this isn't the first time president obama has been to london. we remember the last time the obama were there. michelle obama embraced the queen and some people weren't sure whether it was proper to touch the queen of eng flaland but it didn't seem to cause any international furor.

>> reporter: it didn't. it isn't actually proper to embrace the queen, to put your arm around the queen. we don't expect we'll see the same kind of embrace. the queen handled it well. michelle obama is a warm and friendly person. it was probably instinct to embrace the queen.

>> wasn't like she high-fived her. it was a nice pat on the back. stephanie, thank you very much. we'll check out images of that later