TODAY   |  October 30, 2009

Devour these devilish desserts

Oct. 30: Buddy Valastro, the host of TLC’s “Cake Boss,” whips up some delicious desserts for Halloween.

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>>> one night *

>>> this morning on "today's kitchen," some delicious desserts just in time for halloween. buddy is the host of tlc's "the cake boss," and of course, we're helped by our friends, the ewoks, who happen to love anything sweet.

>> good morning.

>> buddy, good to see you. we're starting with what you call your simple cake recipe that you then transform into a monster cake.

>> yes. i'm going to start with my frankenstein. what i did was i covered a regular cake with some green fondon or icing or whatever you've got. then i'm just going to pipe a little face on.

>> and kids can help with this, right?

>> absolutely. this is very kid-friendly. this is something that, you know, i love doing around the holidays, like you know, halloween holidays with my children.

>> and it doesn't have to be perfect.

>> no, it's fun, see?

>> that's why they don't let the kids do it but mess it up. it's okay.

>> mess it up a little bit. so, we're just going to draw some hair on franken tin.

>> this is cool.

>> keep going, ewoks. keep working. no free ride here.

>> here you go.

>> yeah.

>> that's cool. let's turn it to the camera right there, make sure we see that. buddy, that's great.

>> that's great.

>> i love that one. and the e woks are doing what?

>> they're decorating the cookies. now buddy, this is a cake cookie?

>> this is a black and white cookie , actually.

>> okay.

>> what you're doing is you ice it like a traditional block of icing fondon and then you draw a little face . i don't know, ewok. i don't know what you're doing there. you're making a mess.

>> do you understand what the ewok is saying?

>> he's saying leave me alone . exactly. is this icing you can get anywhere, the supermarket?

>> these are fondon . it's icing that you melt and then dip the cookie in, like a traditional new york black and white cookie .

>> then you take any old kind of icing here? this isn't fondon here, is it?

>> what are you doing?

>> then you just kind of draw a face.

>> hey, hey, hey, hey, ewok.

>> hey, hey, hey.

>> you draw a little face on like this and you make like a jack-o-lantern cookie. you know?

>> i like the one -- you've got a dracula cookie over here, which looks fantastic.

>> yeah, the dracula's a little bit more --

>> then i'm looking at the pumpkin, though, with the sparkles. when do you know to put on the sparkles?

>> those are just crystal sugar. so you do a regular sugar cookie dough.

>> how does that stick -- oh, there's no fondon on that.

>> no, that's just sugar cookie . you take the typical cookie dough and take a spray can and wet it and dip it in crystal sugar, put different m&m cookies to make the face.

>> thank you. the ewoks are going crazy.