TODAY   |  October 08, 2009

Vince Vaughn on ‘Couples Retreat’

Oct. 8: TODAY’s Meredith Vieira talks to actor Vince Vaughn about his new comedy, “Couples Retreat.”

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sfx: speak the 2010 ford fusion .

>>> vince vaughn has captivated audiences since his early days in "swingers" to the blockbuster hit " wedding crashers " and "the breakup." in his latest film, "couples retreat," follows four couples on a trip to bora bora , but when they arrive, they find out that their travel package requires every couple to attend therapy sessions. vince, good morning to you.

>> good morning. nice to see you.

>> nice to see you, too. so, you star in this movie. you also produced it, executive producer, and it's your idea. you came up with this a few years ago. how does a guy who hasn't even married yet end up writing a movie about four married couples ?

>> well, i got the idea because i always heard about these corporate retreats --

>> right.

>> where they would go and do the potato sacaraiss and somehow that would make sales go through the roof. i thought that would be funny if couples go and wax on, wax off, these type of activities meant to focus on the relationship. we wanted to take relatable people with everyday issues everyone has and find kind of an extraordinary atmosphere to play it out. so, favreau, who wrote "swingers," and i collaborated --

>> and you're a friend of his.

>> right. very good friend of jon. and he wrote the first pass and then got busy with "iron man" and fox, the screen writer, who is terrific, came in. and peter billingsley , who produced "i-man" and "the breakup" --

>> when you were kids, right?

>> yeah. we did a special together. he directed. it so we've all collaborated together for a long time. though we had different hats it was the same group.

>> and you would finish with them before the script, so in many ways, this was a family affair, this movie.

>> yeah. my sister was a producer on it. fason we had worked with before, jason bateman . and the girls who came afterward we had met, but kristin davis , kristen bell , molly ackerman, who plays my wife, it was a lot of fun.

>> you play this character dave. you have a good relationship, two wonderful kids, a wonderful wife. you just never take time to really stop and smell the flowers, essentially.

>> i think a lot of people feel that way. it's like, you're doing all the things you're supposed to successfully. so, you're working, lucky to have a job, doing stuff with the kids, then they kind of go thinking they're helping their friend, they're going to do fun stuff, the exercises are optional. then you realize in the grind of being a hamstring wheel for life, you kind of come laugh -- i know parents who have kids recently, they don't even look in the mirror for the first year.

>> that's right.

>> you're trying to catch up to what the cycle is.

>> we have a scene of you where you get into a little bit of trouble. let's show that first.

>> marcell, we have a real problem here.

>> it is not a problem, it is a circle of life .

>> the circle of life is circling our lives right now.

>> do not move, do not panic.

>> okay, i think we just hold tight, we play it cool , we don't make a move.

>> ah, what was that?

>> what?

>> what was that!

>> see, now, you're a good midwestern boy.

>> yeah.

>> you don't know promotions --

>> this is a foreign thing to me, yeah.

>> you were freaked out by "jaws," right?

>> when i saw that, as a kid in the swimming pool, i would sometimes have a panic and swim to the side. a lot of guys are like, i love to do my things, i love to get in there. but then i finally did swim with the sharks, and the guy who was doing it said to me -- he had like a mark. it was like a local guy and molly and me did it together. she said, "what is that for?" and he said "that's a shark bite." i don't know if it was. maybe he was saying it to make the times exciting. but i was definitely nervous when i went down in there. then when we did it, it was fun, so we got used to it.

>> i mentioned you're not married yet. you did get engaged this year to a lovely lady from canada, right? named karla webber?

>> that's right. she needs a green card . i made a couple bucks.

>> there you go.

>> and it's just a tremendous, tremendous situation.

>> so, how did you pop the question? what did you do?

>> you know, boy, i'm so romantic. we had talked about it for a while, then valentine's day came, and that was really easy.

>> good.

>> because i said i'll never forget this day. this is good. and you can never really miss valentine's day and then go, hey, the surprise is coming, so i just went for it on valentine's day.

>> that's very sweet.

>> thank you.

>> that's very nice.

>> i understand you're ready for kids and the whole thing.

>> i'm definitely looking forward to it.

>> how do you know that that's the right time?

>> i just think that whatever age it is, i think it's sort of you get older and start to look forward to different things, so i'm excited.

>> well, we look forward to that, too, vince vaughn , and your next movie, too. but "couples retreat" opens tomorrow.