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'Ghosted' hair is the hottest new color trend, but what the heck is it?

It's not just a dating term.
/ Source: TODAY

Who knew getting “ghosted” could actually be a beautiful thing? And, no, we’re not talking about the tacky dating practice of letting someone off easy by ignoring their calls and texts. This time around, the term “ghosted” is being used to describe a hot new hair color trend.

First spotted on London-based stylist Jason Hogan’s Instagram page, the trending look is basically platinum hair on speed, and it features some pretty sassy shades throughout. These aren’t your average highlights! The stunning blend of graphite, quartz and oyster hues actually hide inside the hair, so you've got to look closely to notice them.

As your hair swings back and forth, notes of the shimmery shades reveal themselves in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it split second, so you're almost unsure whether you've actually seen them or not. Hence the term "ghosted," since it's almost as though you've seen a ghost!

Hogan, who works at Josh Wood Atelier, told Allure he created the look out of necessity. “I needed to give my straight-haired platinum and ice-blonde clients texture, interest, and dimension without a classic lowlight (a big no-no on those blondes) and also maintain the condition and integrity of their hair,” he said. After using a lightener on the hair, Hogan layered some semipermanent colors throughout to create the effect. He also used Olaplex to reduce hair damage.

Hogan told TODAY Style he was inspired to create the "ghosted" look while he was tweaking a beautiful gray shade and discovered the enviable texture that slight variations in tone created. He says gals with straight hair are best suited for the look: "The color hides internally and "ghosts" as the hair moves."

Sarai Speer, stylist at Re•Hab Salon & Spa in Kansas City, Missouri, just put her own spin on "ghosted" hair, and shared her gorgeous creation on Instagram. 

Speer told TODAY Style she was inspired by Kenra’s new Frost Collection colors — a mix of iridescent, silvery pastels — while envisioning the look. "I wanted to create an almost ethereal look with them," she said.

If you're ready to get "ghosted," keep in mind that your hair has to be toned to a white hue to start off, and needs all the yellow and warm undertones removed. This will help you achieve those frosty, iridescent colors, Speer said.

Maintenance for the "ghosted" look is similar to that for platinum blonde and silver colors, Speer said, and you should schedule a salon appointment every 4-5 weeks for root touchups and a gloss. Use cold water while shampooing and a cleansing conditioner 1-2 times a week (dry shampoo in between) for the best results, and also consider reaching for a thermal protectant while styling.

Speer predicts the "ghosted" trend is here to stay, because it's a wearable look that's not too vivid. "The wonderful thing about these kinds of looks is that they’re not 'in your face' and are more elegant, sophisticated and wearable than the bright vivids we’ve seen in years past," Speer said. "Any age can rock the ghosted look!"