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This viral haircutting technique looks crazy, but the results are beautiful

It's called the "Whoville Christmas tree" for a reason.
/ Source: TODAY

From candle cutting to vertical haircuts, we thought we had seen it all. But we were wrong!

A hairstylist in Kansas City, Missouri is going viral for what she calls the "Whoville Christmas tree" haircutting technique.

Sarai Speer, who works at Re-hab Salon and Spa, uses what most would call an unconventional method for creating soft, diffused layers and removing bulk. The hairstylist of 13 years twists a section of hair, holds it straight up and then cuts in a downward motion with sharp shears.

"You go down the hair and keep the tension and that's what creates those pieces," Speer told TODAY Style. "You keep the sheers half open. Do not close them."

Typically, she cuts the perimeter, dries the hair straight and then adds in layers throughout different sections of the hair. While it works best on dry hair, in the video above, you can see her do it on wet hair, as well.

Speer said that most of her clients are used to it as she's been practicing the technique for nearly five years, since she first learned the method in a class.

"It kind of blew my mind," said Speer.

Over the years, she's adapted it for clients with everything hair type and length. However, she cautions against using it on those with coarse strands.

"I do it on my short-hair girls, long-hair girls and everything in between," Speer explained.

It's a mesmerizing techniqueand results are beautiful. However, once she posted the video on Instagram, she received a lot of critiques that she is ripping the hair.

"I'm not butchering the hair. I'm keeping the integrity of the hair," said Speer. "It's not a technique for everyone to use."

She also doesn't use the method every time, Speer says she typically does it once every three visits.

We might juts have to ask our stylist to give this a try next time!