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The weirdest, wackiest and most wonderful beauty trends of 2016

We've rounded up the wildest beauty trends of 2016, including ones you wish you could forget.
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When it comes to hair, makeup and beauty trends, 2016 was a doozy.

It seemed like there was some new nail art look, lip kit or hairstyle sweeping the internet every week.

From the stunning to the scary, we've rounded up the wildest beauty trends from the past year, including ones you may have already forgotten ... or wish you could forget.

1. The 100 layers trend

Beauty lovers lost their collective minds when this trend hit. YouTube stars and social media personalities experimented with makeup by applying more than 100 layers of everything. We now know what 100 layers of foundation looks like (essentially a waxy finish straight out of Madame Tussaud's) and that 100 layers of nail polish takes over 12 hours to apply.

2. Microblading

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Before 2016, we would've thought "microblading" involved tiny roller skates. Now we know it's actually tiny eyebrow tattoos. One of the hottest beauty procedures in 2016, microblading involves filling in and shaping brows by drawing tiny lines that look like individual hairs.

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3. Furry nails

Image: CND for Libertine Fall/Winter 2016 - Backstage
A model sports fuzzy fingers at the Libertine fashion show. Jennifer Graylock / Getty Images

What's a girl to do when she can't afford a fur coat, but wants to incorporate the luxe texture in some way? Glue strips of fur to her fingernails, of course! This trend started back in February at the Libertine show at New York Fashion Week and received very mixed reactions online.

4. Bun dropping

It may have been the year of "the lob" haircut among the celebrity set, but women on Instagram were all about ultra-long hair. They showcased their Rapunzel-esque locks in mesmerizing videos where they let hair unravel from a topknot in slow motion to reveal glamorous tresses.

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5. Mirror nail polish

Mirror Nail Polish
Nails so shiny, you can check your reflection in them!

Matte is having a real moment in beauty this year, so when this reflective nail polish trend popped up on our feed, we were surprised! The polish and base coat set from Born Pretty create an extreme chrome effect that's so shiny, you just might be able to check if you have food in your teeth.

6. Blackout tattoos

Blacking out a tattoo used to serve as a way to fix mistakes or errors. But in 2016, pitch black tattoos became a trend in their own right.

7. Cheese nails

If you already bite your nails, this cheese nail trend might exacerbate the problem. Over the summer, extremely realistic swiss cheese manicures became the look of the moment. Of all the food-themed nail art, this might be our favorite — we're just cheesy like that!

8. Holographic Lips

Holographic lips, Sigma Beauty Lip Switch
Holographic lips look like a sure sign that the future is now! Sigma Beauty

This beauty trend takes lip gloss to a whole new level. Holographic lip gloss layered over regular color gives an almost iridescent, otherworldly glow.

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9. Vertical haircuts

This viral hair technique pulls wet hair straight upward into four ponytails before bluntly chopping off the ends. While the videos may be new, this technique has actually been around for a while. According to Garren of R+CO haircare, vertical cutting is what brought us popular styles like Jennifer Aniston's infamous "Rachel" cut.

10. Glitter lips

Lip kits were all the rage this year, but one stood out and started a trend all its own. Makeup artist Pat McGrath's Labs Lust 004 lip kit launched at the end of the summer and started a wave of glittery lip looks. And while McGrath's creation is the original, it's easy to replicate the look at home using your favorite lipstick and store-bought sparkles.

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11. Cuticle decals

This trend crosses the boundaries between nail art and body art in an extremely cool way. The minimalist look calls for decals to be attached just at the cuticle in a way that resembles cool, mid-knuckle rings.

12. Glow-in-the-dark hair

Colorist Guy Tang's neon glow-in-the-dark hair.
Colorist Guy Tang's neon glow-in-the-dark hair.Guy Tang

Glow-in-the-dark hair is like mermaid hair on steroids. These multicolored strands are stunning in daylight, but truly shine under a black light.

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13. Crystal lips

Gems aren't just for jewlery anymore. The "crystal lips" trend took over Instagram this year and it is stunning. Using liquid glitter and metallic colors, makeup artists create magical looks that resemble geodes found in nature.

We can't wait to see what's in store for 2017!