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Up your poolside relaxation game with this bestselling zero gravity recliner

You can get this set of two shipped to your door.
Man relaxing on a black chair by the pool
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With summer quickly approaching, we're all eager to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. Whether you prefer to soak up the sun poolside or would rather catch some fresh air in the shade, you'll want to do so comfortably.

We all have that trusted beach chair we pull out year after year when the season arrives, but it might be time to upgrade to something more comfortable. Whenever you're sitting for prolonged periods of time, you might be more prone to back pain — so experts say it makes sense to invest in a chair that is ergonomically designed.

"It is important to stay mindful of ergonomics and posture," Dr. Steve Knauf, executive director of chiropractic and compliance for The Joint Chiropractic, told Shop TODAY. "Studies have shown the significance of improper ergonomics leading to increased mechanical loads that contribute to chronic low back pain."

So, if you've been looking to improve your relaxation game this summer with something more ergonomically friendly, these bestselling zero gravity recliners should be on your radar.

Best Choice Zero Gravity Lounge Chair

The chair is designed to gradually recline by 160 degrees into an ergonomic position, which is helped by the "S" shaped backing and elastic cords that shift to support your body weight.

If you're looking for other color options, this similar set from FDW also has rave reviews.

FDW Zero Gravity Chair

The general concept behind zero gravity chairs is to "create a feeling of weightlessness," Knauf told us. "When the force of gravity is taken off of the spine, it provides our body a feeling of relaxation."

As most of us have found ourselves in an uncomfortable home office setup over the past year, we may be putting more pressure on our spine than we realize. "With extended periods of sitting, 'micro trauma' — or slow, repetitive compressive forces from gravity — reduce the motion and function of the spine, while promoting muscle tightness and spasms, which lead to pain," Knauf said.

Amazon customers seem to be a fan of the relaxing feeling, as the Best Choice chairs have amassed almost 20,000 global ratings and over 3,500 five-star reviews from verified purchasers.

"Oh my word! So comfortable, portable, seemingly durable," one verified purchaser wrote. "An excellent find for enjoying the outdoors in comfort. I like that they fold up and can be stored away in unfavorable conditions."

Even if you prefer to leave your chairs outside for the duration of the summer season, the textilene fabric is weather- and UV-resistant.

"Whatever fabric this is, they can be easily wiped down and dried if they get wet," another reviewer wrote of the chair's weather-resistant properties, calling it a "great purchase!"

It's important that when we take the time to relax during the summer, we do it with our bodies in mind (and maybe a drink in hand).

This story was originally published on May 7, 2020.

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